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shipwreck78 01-19-2010 06:38 PM

American Tactical Imports
Anyone have any experience with any of their 9mm models. Read an article on the HP9 and the author was pleasantly surprised with it. I am looking to add a full size 9mm to the collection, but don't want to spend $500. Right now the only 9mm I have is my PF9 from Kel Tec, which I use for CC. I've shot Glocks, Sigs, you name it and they all were great guns, but right now I'm on a kind of budget. The review of the ATI HP9 was very favorable, but that is about the only review I have seen. I know someone on here has reviewed and spoken highly of a GSG .22 and I believe that ATI imports all the GSG guns. Any first hand knowledge would be appreciated. Thanks!

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