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MobileMarine 07-24-2011 12:31 AM

AF 101 or beretta 92 ?
Ok I have the option to buy a af 101 in a 40 or the 92 in 9mm . I already have a taurus 92 in a 9mm and i love it . The 101 he wants 250.00 and the 92 he wants 300.00 . It would be cool to have matching guns 101 / pt92 but I know beretta is more sought after but I dont sell but I dont have and stainless gun in my stable . AWWWWW decisions decisions I may say the hell with it and buy both but would love all of the opinions here . At this rate i will never get the 56' back in action

JonM 07-24-2011 04:07 AM

used to have an old pt 99 af it was a damn good gun and the only 9mm i regret selling. im not a fan of taurus but i would go 101 over berreta any day if it wasnt a 40.

i may get another pt someday if they ever make a non ambi version. i dont like ambi controls

loaf_fan 07-24-2011 05:05 AM

Both maybe?
I would say get both maybe. Why maybe you ask? As stated the 101 is in 40, if you do not already have a 40 in your collection, that means stocking up on another caliber of ammunition, and 40 is more expensive. If getting the Beretta 92, then you're still using 9mm ammo so no need to re-stock anything.

Like you said, the Beretta is more sought after, however saying that it is BETTER than the Taurus will have a tendency to evoke flame wars (very passionate feelings toward one gun or another).

I only own Taurus'. One 92, and one 100. However I did find that on gunbroker I could get a 92 or 99 slide and right on the 100 it goes. That's how I usually keep it anyhow.

In addition to that for EITHER the Taurus or Beretta, you can get a 22 conversion slide and now with the same grips and frame you can pop off 22lr all day on the cheap.

If I had to make a choice between the two, I'd get the Beretta, as you would use the same 9mm ammo. If you have another 40 gun then it's a tossup. Get both they seem to be asking a reasonable amount, go out and shoot them and sell the one you like less.

MobileMarine 07-24-2011 05:08 AM

I dont car what anyone says , out of all my longs guns and pistols , revolvers ect I trust my life and my familys to my taurus guns , my pt111 limited is like a my buddy he goes where I go . The pt92 stays by one door , I keep the 111 by the other door and a judge on the head board . I have shot countless cheapy blazer rounds thru the 111 w/o 1 single misfeed or ftf. I think im going to buy both and keep the beretta . He also has a mk3 w/ scope for 300.00 but .. All gun come with original cases and paper work and look flawless . Ill post pics tmar

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