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Gloves 01-09-2011 05:39 AM

.40 S&W [help choosing a gun]
My brother-in-law and I have visited the range together a few days ago.
He's shooting well for his 4th time to the range.

He's looking for a Home Defense gun for him and his wife. Also one that's fun
to shoot at the range. So I took him to the range to try out the Glock 17 &
the Kimber Custom II. He likes both guns but doesn't want a 1911 (yet) and
he's not interested in Glock for what ever reason. So I had him rent the XD in .40
since I think it's a good gun for the buck.

He didn't like the XD that much but it could have been a crappy range gun.

He has some some things he has in mind:
  • He's dead set on .40 S&W
  • $600 Limit
  • Needs to fit lady's hands ok
  • Likes tactical look
  • likes 2-tone look
  • 4 to 4.5" barrel (little longer little shorter is ok too)

We just talked with my gun dealer to price out a Sig 226. Awesome gun, he
would TOTALLY buy that one if he only had $1000 to put down on a gun.
However he can't get over the fact that he could have an AR for that price.

He also likes the H&K USP double action pistol in .40 but I hear that one is
also out of his price range. (p30 or p2000)

Here are some other guns I wanted to tell him to look at:
  • Ruger SR9c which - great trigger and a smaller more friendly grip.
  • Browning Pro-40
  • Browning High-power (in .40 if they make one)
  • CZ-75 (in .40 if they make one)
  • 92fs (in .40 if they make one and is in budget)
  • Glock 22/23 in .40 (but would rather not have a Glock)
I need help expanding this list. Thanks!

doctherock 01-09-2011 05:42 AM

Picked up my xd40, Springfield for $529 with the 4.5 in barrel.

doctherock 01-09-2011 05:43 AM

Mine is black but it can be had in two tone colors. As for fitting a ladies hands my 17 year old daughter shoots it just fine.

colmustard 01-09-2011 05:44 AM

What about a S&W M&P or SD?

Shihan 01-09-2011 05:48 AM

SR40 there it is.

freefall 01-09-2011 05:52 AM

Browning does (or did) make the High Power in a .40. Probably have the same qualms as for a 1911 tho.

Poink88 01-09-2011 05:52 AM

Check Springfield XDm (I own one) and S&W M&P

NGIB 01-09-2011 07:56 AM

If your buddy is willing to look at used guns, many will be in his price range. Almost all of my guns were bought (or traded for) used - including all of my Sigs. Here is my older P229 with night sights and it came with an extra barrel in .357 Sig and I have less than $500 in it...

sweeper22 01-09-2011 07:56 AM

HK USP and Sig 226/229 can be had in excellent used condition for pretty close to that $600 price point. Personally, I like the Sig better...but both are outstanding guns. New XDm40's can also be had for pretty close to that price, but of course if it's in California he can't take advantage of their massive 16+1 capacity.

My own preference would be something from the CZ 75 lineup, which I would consider the best new gun you could land for under $600. But if he's not into 1911's and desires something with a little more tactical style, the CZ might not fit since it's sort of a "classic" design.

Mark F 01-09-2011 11:45 AM

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I have a CZ75B in S&W 40 caliber. Mine is the nickel finish and it's the best shooting auto loader I have owned. You can get 12 round mags for it so you'll have 12+1 capability. That's a lot of fire-power.

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