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mkett39 03-28-2010 03:47 AM

24/7 slide
Hello, This is my first post and hope to have more.

Well i have looked everywhere for an answer but cant find so i'll ask the ?

Just bought a new taurus 24/7 pro .45 compact with the 10 and 12 round mags. I have not shot it yet but am concerned about it.
I own a 1911, baby eagle .40 and XDm .40 also.
My concern is that I can take any of my other 3 pistols and rack the slide to cycle the rounds in and out of chamber emptying the magazine. When I try this with the 24/7 the slide most os the time does not go all of the back causing the live round to get jammed and not eject.
I drop the mag and have to push the round out. after that the slide will pull all of the way back. Put the mag in, rack the slide and it loads the chamber fine. Then I try to rack the slide to eject and load another round but the slide will not fully stroke out so the first round (live round)will not fully eject but hang at the edge of barrel and ejection port. Seems like it might be the mags causing some sort of hang up. I hope this is nothing and it will shoot fine without jamming. Any thoughts? Thanks

Shihan 03-28-2010 04:17 AM

First, Why don't you hop on over to the INTROS and give us a little background on yourself.

Second, Why would you want to empty your Magazine that way. Why not just remove it and empty it. Maybe I am confused because it is late, but don't believe the Pistol was meant to be used as a unloading machine. Just doesn't sound like a very safe practice.
I will reread the post to see if I understood the question.

I believe you can not rack the slide with the required force to eject the live round, it still has the bullet in the cartridge and the ejector is to eject a spent casing...I could be wrong but others, with alot more knowledge than myself, will let you know.

So I would advise against such practices, my 2 cents, for what it is worth.

mkett39 03-28-2010 04:52 AM

me again
Thanks for the response. Not using method for unloading mags just to check the action. It should still be able to be pulled to the full rear position in order to eject round and grab another. The point i am making is I can not get the slide all the way back with the loaded mag in. Take the mag out and no problem getting full range of the slide. I have never had any other auto do this. Thanks

Spikey614 03-29-2010 08:56 PM

Check and see if it has a Recoil Buffer installed. Other than that go with the other advice.

mkett39 04-02-2010 08:39 PM

Well I figured it was the mag not sitting properly. Took the gun back and exchanged for EAA witness all steel compact. I will not carry or use a weapon that I feel will have problems and that 24/7 gave me lots of doubt on the performance.

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