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banjoGSD 07-10-2013 07:01 AM

Gunsmiths in the WNC area?
Specifically in the Asheville area.

I have a Winchester Model 52C that I'm itching to put a scope on(old eyes alas) and would love to see some recommendations for known quality. I don't know the first thing about smithing and thus do not know how to pick one out. My dad was was a steady hand and took care of his own stuff, I was a wild in the woods kid and didn't pick up any of his gun-work abilities aside from tearing them down and cleaning them.

NC1760 07-11-2013 04:49 PM

Asheville area gunsmiths...???
First off... I have to admit I don't live near you (I'm in the Raleigh metro area)... But I would either contact your local gun club, firearms dealer or shooting outfitter like Morrison's Guns Specialties (828) 665-0404, or maybe Franklin's Outdoor (828) 253-7925... and see if they can recommend someone.

I do however, know there is a gunsmith in Waynesville 36 miles down the road from Asheville; ...I dropped by there last week while in the mountains on vacation.... Didn't use them for any service work... but they do it.

Good luck and safe shooting.

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