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jjmitchell60 03-09-2013 02:11 AM

Got a question for you New Yorkers, ARs?
First let me begin by stating I am a dealer in KY with stripped lowers I am selling so with that said, below is what I need advice on or info on where to find the correct answer please. You can e-mail me if you like at:

Was contacted today about selling a stripped AR lower receiver to a gent in NY today. He said that his FFL tells him they are still legal being not built with the banned items yet. SO is he right or is it illegal to sell a stripped AR receiver in NY State? I, gun manufactures, and accessory manufactures are ignorant as to what all Cuomo did on this new law. I know it took affect really quick as well. Many are refusing to sell or ship to NY including the CMP!

So PLEASE can any of you New Yourkers or anyone who knows something can offer up some info, advice, or where to look to see if legal to ship stripped AR lower receivers to a FFL holder in NY state? I admit I am very ignorant as to the new NY laws on ARs and such being the new law was rushed through all the way to implementation so fast.

deadsp0t 03-09-2013 02:16 AM

I would be inclined to contact a government agency for a solid confirmation in writing as to the new New York laws, there is no way I'd risk a felony charge based off 'advice' from anyone other then a person of authority. Just my opinion

batjka 03-09-2013 04:03 PM

This is how it goes:

The SAFE act banned weapons with one or more "evil" features such as pistol grips, folding stocks, bayonet mounts etc. Stripped lowers do not have any of the banned features and thus are LEGAL to transfer in NYS. You are not breaking any laws by selling the lower and the buyer is not breaking any laws by buying. When the buyer puts the rifle together, it is his responsibility to ensure his finished product conforms to the AWB.

So go ahead, sell the lower. Do not try to violate rights of New Yorkers any more than our governor already did.

WebleyFosbery38 03-10-2013 12:30 PM

Bat stated the law but now as an enraged upstater I will probably say something here that he wont like, dont sell the lower in NY even if its legal. Also, dont buy anything thats made in NY or come here for anything except anti safe act rallies. Additionally, if you sell products from a company that has a manufacturing presence in NY, tell them your holding any orders until they officially come out against the "Safe Act". Im 20 minutes from Remington arms in Ilion and they have been there for over 150 years, they have a responsibility to make sure they arent playing "Dry County" games, "we make it here but you cant get it unless you go elsewhere"!

Unfortunately, common sense will never win out over dollars and cents! Big business is about big profit not the product or the law. Remington has gotten some big $$$ incentives to stay in NY in the past and its time they paid the people back by standing firm on our BOR's and their right to make a product and sell it to the people that made it!

I would love for you to come upstate and see the real NY but if you do, do me a favor dont buy anything that add to the states tax coffers. Instead, go to the Turning Stone Casino or some other Indian owned facility. They deserve our support, they successfully have fought of the Albanizers for 200 years and we could learn some things from them.

1- The guy in charge of the state in Albany is not in charge of our human and natural rights

2- If 200 Indians in a trailer park can can fight off a few hundred legislators backed by the NYSP, NYARNG and the feds- a few million upstaters should have no problem doing the same!

3- We dont want to secede from NY, we are NY! Those making Unconstitutional laws in Al-berlin are the ones that need to be cast out, were not going to give up our land or our rights to them ever.

4- Dont give up on things called rights, without them all we have is wrongs!

batjka 03-10-2013 01:41 PM

I have to disagree with you. People MUST sell to ordinary New Yorkers. We have the same rights as other Americans. There's no reason to deny us anything based on our residency here. I do agree with boycotting the NY govt and all its branches, including LE.

FUAC, we will prevail!

WebleyFosbery38 03-10-2013 02:03 PM


Originally Posted by batjka (Post 1170805)
I have to disagree with you. People MUST sell to ordinary New Yorkers. We have the same rights as other Americans. There's no reason to deny us anything based on our residency here. I do agree with boycotting the NY govt and all its branches, including LE.

FUAC, we will prevail!

I appreciate your position but still believe that anything that isnt directed at the wallets of the Republi-Crats and their funding agents will fall on deaf ears in Albany and Washington. Its all about the money. If that AR lower comes into the state, NY will get a piece of that action. Andy and Bloomie dont like fat people, cigarettes or guns but they loooooove the taxes and fees they collect in support of their FOOG agendas.

What im not saying is that every NYer shouldnt be allowed to get that AR lower, 24/7/365 days a year. Right now, the surge in Weapons sales is only filling the Government coffers with our money to be used against us in a court of law later. Weve just got to be creative how we get what we get and make sure it doesnt feed their warchest and BS Statistics.

So I gotta respectfully disagree with you bat, when your dealing with a "Costa", ya gotta tell their bosses you wont pay to hear the BS anymore.

jjmitchell60 03-10-2013 06:11 PM

OK, to end the contest as to sell or not sell vs rights or no rights, I will sell to NY as long as it does not violate any law which I can be charged for AND as long as I am not selling to a class of people who can own them when average citizens cannot. I stand with all the others who have stated they will not sell to LEOs or government agencies in a state that denies the average citizen the same right. As I understand it from the FFL who is to accept shipment, the law in NY has been put on hold till at least the end of the month by 2 NY Supreme Court Justices so that that POS Cu(nt)omo can prove it was constitutional as to the way it was passed and signed into law.
So as of now till the end of the month, the NY citizen can buy an AR. Now I am to get that stated in writing as to the end of the month deal before I ship.

As to upstate NY and lower NY (which I have been to both ONCE) I will not set foot in NY again at all due to the very restrictive gun laws that were already on the books well before the assualt weapon debate. What I have seen of upstate NY is nice in summer but too dang cold for me in winter! What I have seen of NYC, IMHO if I ever go back I will have officially died and gone to he!! is how I feel as to NYC. I refise to go anywhere that denies me the right to carry for my own protection. I do not go to IL at all and if I go to CA, which I do a bit, I carry illegally.
As to NY and it's politics; I have to agree that the way to hit them is in the pocket book. That is why I have been rediculed many times for telling people on other forums who live in NY to move out if the do not like the new law. I would love to see all progun people and all progun companies move out of NY over the restrictive laws. States like my home state of KY would welcome those companies with open arms and the jobs they bring. We welcome all who move here as long as they keep their liberal ideas in the liberl state they fled. We do things a bit differently here and our politics is ours, if they move to KY then become Kentuckians and not try to make KY the same as the state they moved from. In short, liberals stay where you are, we do not want you or need you in any way. We have a law on the way to the Gov. desk that sttaes that KY will not officially reconize any new federal gun bans or mag cap bans.

So to put an end to if I will sell and ship, YES I WILL as long as I am breaking no law OR selling to a "protective" class of citizen.

Thanks for all the input gents and as to your laws, IMHO you elected that POS Cu(nt)omo so now you need to draw up a recall petition which you can do. You need to clean house in your politics IMHO but then again I am from the south so as stated, we do things differently here. A person like Cu(nt)omo would not make it as a dog catcher much less to any other office here in KY.

batjka 03-10-2013 06:42 PM

Thank you for supporting our struggle. We are fighting this tooth and nail and we will prevail.

I have to correct you, though. A stripped lower will still be legal to transfer in NYS no matter what. Because it lacks any "evil" features. Unfortunately many FFLs in NY or outside of the state do not understand what's in the law. It is extremely frustrating.

jjmitchell60 03-11-2013 02:39 PM

Let me add one thing I see in this discussion my question has brought forth. Here in KY our state motto is "United We Stand, Divided We Fall" and from what I gather the people who are fighting this fight in NY are divided. Now I am an outsider looking in but I also know agood bit as to history and I KNOW the NY Constitution has arecall section in it as to recalling Cuomo. IF all that are fighting this signed a recall petition, there is no doubt you will have enough people to sign it to force a recall vote. Now your recall vote could be by the people or by your elected Legislatures, not for sure exactly how your Constitution is worded, but either way you would send amessage to Cuomo that you will not lay down on this issue. ALL of you firearm owners need to unite in this fight under one common banner and not bicker between yourselves as to sell, not sell, buy, or not buy. I see this as a gun dealer all the time. Bolt gun owners care not about the AR owners. The pistol shooters care not about any otehr gun owners. Black Powder shooters would care little about modern guns. Shotgunners care littel about anytrhing but shotguns. Bottom line is you need to unite ALL gun owners and and educate all segments of gun ownership that once they take on class of guns, the next class of guns is only a pen stroke away. I have been preaching the need for ALL gun owners to unite since well before the first National AWB in 1994. It has not sunk in yet but you still need to try and do it.
Good luckk in this fight but IMHO you are too divided within your ranks right now but as I said, I am on the out side looking in at this one thread. As to Remington, I have already stated I will not sell any gun or item made in a state that the citizen of that state cannot buy that gun. IF Magpul stays in CO and CO passes the HiCap ban, I will never sell or order another Magpul item. Same for Remington and Berrette being MD just p[assed a wide sweeping gun bill and Berrette is in MD.
Just my 2 cents.

WebleyFosbery38 03-13-2013 11:36 AM

New York is a tale of two states with the same name. United we stand is a great motto and we the Firearms Owners of the Greater State of NY are United, always have been. Because were 95%+ Rural, were not as in touch with Albany like NY City and the Vacation Mecca's they have created and "Liberated" Upstate. There are very few large Vote Caches yet were 90% of the landowners in the state! We dont Rally that much cause we mostly all agree to leave each other the F alone, enjoy your rights, live up to your responsibilities and everything will be fine. My Wife, 2 Children, 4 Grandchildren, friends and neighbors deserve more than what they are shoving down our throats and up our 4th points of contact. I am a Real New Yorker, a certified Thoroughbred Mongrel! Ive called the hills and valleys Of this "Once Great and Future State of New York" Home for 50+ years and they will not chase me out while I am still able to uphold my Oath.

While weve been living life generally unmolested for generations, thats not the case anymore. Albanizer Scrooge has reared his ugly Arse and brought a few Socialist ghosts with him. We are fighting back for our lives and the things were forced to do to try to beat them down arent without cost and come with risk to what we have left after taxes. Anything Ive suggested about who you can or should sell that lower to is purely advice, This is after-all America and I raised my hand a bunch of times in defense of your Natural Rights and My own. Just do whatever you can to aid the rest of us who are living in it to take back our rights or it could be KY next.

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