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jjfuller1 08-31-2012 03:08 PM

NJ mass shooting
another shooting in the news. i have yet to see any of the good shootings we have listed in the firearms in medai section but hear about all theses bad ones.

Kaplan said, and it appeared shots were fired in more than one spot. No shots were fired by police, who did not arrive until the shooting was over,

mountainman13 08-31-2012 03:14 PM

Sad story and further proof you should carry because the police won't be there.

Dillinger 08-31-2012 03:15 PM

Man. What is it with all these spree killings lately? It seems like there is a new one every couple of days. What the hell is going on?

Of note I personally took away from this story:
  1. The guy got into an argument, left the store, went to his car, acquired said hardware and returned to the store
  2. Store employees saw what he was doing and locked the door in an attempt to keep him out.
  3. He shot out a window and made his way in anyways.
  4. Police arrived after he had killed two people and himself.
A CCW holder in that situation could have made all the difference in the world. The police can not be everywhere and this is a classic example of people needing every second and the cops being minutes away.

I urge everyone who reads this story to actively consider carrying your legally owned and permitted weapon everywhere you go (courthouse and federal buildings aside).


jjfuller1 08-31-2012 03:17 PM

i hate how the media also named it as a mass shooting... there were 2 victims and the shooter.. how does this equal mass shooting?

PanBaccha 08-31-2012 03:17 PM

I don't know ... scratching my head on this ... seems like lately most shootings are occuring around the New York - New Jersey areas, which fit nicely with the sudden campaign and outrage against gun-owners by Bloomberg and his political comrades. We are being targeted I fear.

mountainman13 08-31-2012 03:23 PM

Not to upset anyone and don't take this note the wrong way but I find it highly interesting that almost all of them are vets.

jjfuller1 08-31-2012 03:35 PM

yea i saw that too. brainwashed much??sleeper agents? here comes the tinfoil

mountainman13 08-31-2012 03:37 PM


Originally Posted by jjfuller1
yea i saw that too. brainwashed much??sleeper agents? here comes the tinfoil

You're picking up what I'm putting down.

Dillinger 08-31-2012 03:39 PM

How the hell did the guy get an AK in New Jersey?! And what permit lets you drive around with a loaded one in your car? :confused:

Isn't there like a state law that instantly made him into public enemy number one merely for wanting one?

Yeah those gun laws are really keeping the folks in the garden state safe. :rolleyes:

RaySendero 08-31-2012 03:47 PM


A law enforcement source familiar with the investigation said the suspect got into an argument with co-workers at the store Friday morning, then went out to his car and returned a short time later carrying an AK47 and a handgun.
So...He legally (or illegally) actually had an AK47?

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