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TheSadPanda 05-20-2011 09:59 PM

XDM or M9A1??
Let me run through the basics of what I was looking for and why I chose these two pistols to compare. The two exact pistols are the Springfield XDM compact 9mm and the the Beretta M9A1. I already own a Glock 23 and and don't have the desire to own another one just yet. I liked 1911s in 9mm but they were too expensive. I will NOT have the opportunity to shoot either of these before I buy. (which is also why I'm looking for input here) The gun will be used for plinking and fun, nothing serious except as a possible backup HD pistol behind the G23 should I decide to sell it.

Characteristics I am looking for:
- A gun that has many positive reviews (well tested)
- 9mm
- One that I REALLY like the grip on (I have held both and enjoyed them)
- available for around <= $600
- It must be aesthetically pleasing (to a degree)
- getting the most for my money

So what do you all think? Which one should I start really looking into? I am interested to see what you all say :)

P.S.- If you have another gun that you think would fit the bill please say so! I'll gladly consider it, but I do still have these two in mind.

Jared 05-20-2011 11:50 PM

I can not say much about the Springfield because I have never shot one. I have spent countless hours with an M9. M9s are great pistols, extremely reliable and very durable. There is a reason the Military has used them since the early 90s, although the Army and Air Force are both going to be replacing the M9 by FY 2013 I believe.

danf_fl 05-21-2011 12:23 AM

Have you thought about a Hi-Power or one of the clones?

mesinge2 05-21-2011 12:33 AM

I own both and I can't decide which to advise you to buy. Both are ergonomic, both have been perfectly reliable, both are high capacity, and both are very accurate. I would give a slight edge in accuracy to my 92FS, but it is negligible.

It comes down to training. It is harder to learn how to transition from the heavier DA first shot to the subsequent lighter SA shots on the Beretta than to just have the same trigger pull weight of the XDm for every shot. Its not impossible at all but requires more training to do properly. Furthermore, the Beretta has a manual safety that the XDm does not. I personally ignore the safety and simply use it as a decocker. I decock the weapon and flip the safety off and carry like a DA revolver.

The third and fourth guns I would suggest would be a BHP and a CZ-75.

canebrake 05-21-2011 12:53 AM

You need to broaden your search!

The best 9 mike mike this old fart has ever shot. < and yes, that's a period!

The P-35 Browning Hi-Power meets each of your criteria (you will need to experience the grip) plus two additional;
  • It's not tupperware and,
  • it's not a big heavy Mil-spec Beretta

Panda, you need to shoot one of these before you make your decision.

TheSadPanda 05-21-2011 01:18 AM

I have considered a Hi-Power (almost wrote "High-Power" :cool: )But there are none available locally so I don't have any way of trying out the grip. I've checked about 4 different stores, and they just don't have it. That makes me a sad panda :( I looked up the price on Bud's and they want $800, that is far out of my price range.

I had looked into the CZ75s, but, they bugged me, for some reason that I can't even begin to explain.

I'll try to throw in some of the things I thought of as bonuses and things I didn't like when deciding between these two

Reasons why I liked the XDM:
- Liked the grip more than M9
- Was really light
- Handle seemed kind of small (but I still fit fine), and WAY too big (tall not wide) with the extensions. I have pretty small hands
- Light rail (because I'm tacti-cool! jk)
- Loved the trigger
- Can possibly carry in the future

Reasons why I liked the M9A1:
- I think it looks better than the XDM
- I already have a polymer pistol, and would like an all metal one
- Handle fit better height-wise
- Also has a light rail
- Liked the manual safety

these are just random things I liked and disliked

mach1337 05-21-2011 01:49 AM

SadPanda I personally have lots of experience with the M9A1 (NAVY) they really are great guns. super durable good accuracy. parts every where. having said that I have the XDM and i love it. Like a awesome cross between a 1911 and a glock. (not a glock fan by the way) I really love my XDM the only issue i have with it is mags are kinda expensive. shoots extremely well and not big or bulky at all. i would say its every bit as durable as the
M9A1. Just a personal preference really butlike te M better plus larger capacity mags tho not by much.

mesinge2 05-21-2011 02:11 AM


Originally Posted by mach1337 (Post 508675)
the M better plus larger capacity mags

Not really, if you use Mec-gar optium mags the capacity jumps to 18+1 with a flush fit. This mag makes it only one round less than the XDm. Also, the Mec-gar mags I have used have much better finishes than Beretta mags and I never had a jam with one either.

sweeper22 05-21-2011 02:18 AM

I'm going to somewhat echo what others have already mentioned...

I have an XDm (45acp) and have some experience with the M9/92fs. In my experience, both would rate about the same. Probably a solid B+ for both were I to give them a "letter grade".

Neither makes an ideal carry weapon due to size, both are excellent range/home defense handguns. I would probably choose the XDm for myself for two reasons of personal taste:

1) I really like the OD/stainless finish available for the XDm9, and it's just an all-around solid platform.

2) While I like the M9, I think similar steel/alloy 9mms better suit my priorities. My personal taste would rank the BHP (slimmer, lighter, more carry-friendly) and CZ 75 (reasonably slim, heavy, but great ergonomics and price) as the best values. I also think used Sigs (P226/228/229/239), the 4-digit S&W models, and even CZ 75 and BHP clones are pretty attactive options when it comes to hard body 9mm.

The bottom line is this- Everyone has their likes and dislikes. You'll find a ton of CZ and BHP fans chiming in on this criteria, and for darn good reason. I almost never hear a bad word spoken about either. But as long as concealed carry is not a factor, both of the two guns you mention are solid choices.

These are my 9mm hard bodies of choice. They are of equal quality in my opinion, but the BHP is the more carry friendly of the two. I've got less than $550 into each, including extra mags.

Jpyle 05-21-2011 02:28 AM

Sold my 92FS and picked up, well bought haven't picked it up yet, a 9mm CZ Compact.

Comparing a M9 against a XDm compact is a bit of an apples and is a polymer compact made for CCW the other is a...well a beast. At 32 oz. empty it's a sidearm, not an EDC. Both are great guns, accurate, reliable and a blast to shoot...just a different purpose for each is all.

Not shown actual size...:D

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