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Worst Handgun You Ever Owned?

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Bought a Phoenix arms hp 22 off a friend that needed the cash. Paid 80 bucks for it to have cycling issues after the first round. 10 round mag and it might as well be a single shot. I keep her locked away in the truck. A cousin wanted to buy it and I couldn't even give it to him without feeling guilty.
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A Stoeger Luger .22lr I had in the 1970s. Jamomatic and long gone today. Worked better upside down, empty casings might dribble out then.
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I had one of those RG revolvers, poor quality-----like taurus
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Originally Posted by Drauka View Post
A Bryco/Jennings Nine. I've never even shot the thing, and I'm almost afraid to. I got it at an auction for $100. I bid just for the heck of it, not thinking I'd win. I've broken it down, polished the trigger and everywhere that rubs, and done what I can to make it function smoother if I should ever need it....but I'll never really trust it.

It lives in a lockbox in my car.....it's my "I was stupid and left without my glock" gun.
The firing pin spring controls the cyclic rate on a Jennings. Jennings hand cuts the firing pin springs from a piece of spring stock. They can't expect someone on an assembly line to cut a perfect spring every time. Moreover, even if they did cut the spring perfectly the guns would still jam. You have to cur the firing pin spring a little long and shoot the gun. If it jams cut one or two coils off it. Repeat this process until the gun fires without jamming.

I have fixed every Jennings pistol I have seen in this manner. Most of these pistols are owned by old ladies or someone who won't shoot it very much. I have a JA 22 that has fired at least 10,000 rounds without incident.
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Heritage Arms Rough Rider with a 3-inch barrel and bird's head grips. Its terribly inaccurate, the faux pearl grips started falling apart, the finish is awful. Its a good noise maker or to load up with rat shot for snakes, that's about it.
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I never owned a "worse handgun". I did my research and testing of gun before purchase. Still, I did not like the safety on my Baretta 92. To easy to accidentally manipulate with large gloves.
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2 come to mind, Jennings J22 and the Phoenix arms 22 lr pistols. Both the biggest piles off garbage I've ever shot. Jams galore! FT feed and fire.

Well not trust either brand again that's for sure. These days I stick to the big boy brands, no more cheap crap.

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Originally Posted by gr8oldguy View Post
My Ruger LCP. Carried it for a year, shot it on a regular basis. It never failed to fire and was accurate. I just hated it. Traded it off about a year ago and never regretted getting rid of it for one second.
Wow! Why get rid of it? I've had one for about a year now an think it's perfect for the purpose. Never fails to fire and is very accurate, although at short range, where it's where you want it and carries well in a pocket.

My worst firearm was a Kahr PPK80. Failure to seat the slide about once every other magazine feed. After several returns to the factory without a successful repair I was able to trade in back at the GS.
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Jennings J22. I bought it for nostalgia's sake because it was what I learned to shoot with. and it was cheap, ridicously cheap.

if you didn't rack the slide hard enough after clearing a jam, it would light off the round you chambered when it went back into battery. also it occasionally would fire 2 or 3 rounds with one trigger pull. I should've thrown the thing in the bottom of the lake but i traded it at a pawn shop
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Hi-point .45. I really wanted a .45. And didn't have much money so I bought one. I shot every other hi point with no issues. Bought mine and it jammed all the time. Tried all sorts of ammo, and bought another mag. Had the same issues. So I sold it for a $100 to put toward my M1 carbine.
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