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Gojubrian 06-18-2010 03:25 AM

Why no 1911 style trigger systems on modern handguns?
I have come to decide that the 1911 style straight pull trigger design is the best trigger system to have on a handgun. I've owned and shot alot of handguns, but none other comes close to the greatness of the 1911 trigger. The 1911 trigger style has been around oh,100yrs now! So, why aren't modern handgun manufacturers making their handguns with this style trigger?

Wouldn't an XD, Sig, HK, Ruger, or whatever style handgun be that much sweeter with this trigger system?

We have high capacity, lighter weight, night sights, lasers,etc etc, but these long crappy triggers on all of them. What gives?

CA357 06-18-2010 03:32 AM

I dunno, I hadn't thought about it before. I do know that I love the crisp break and short reset of a tuned 1911's trigger.

Then again, John Moses Browning also designed the Hi Power with a pivoting trigger, albeit with a longer reset.

While I have no answer to your question, I felt homage to the great one was appropriate here. :cool:

Gojubrian 06-18-2010 04:05 AM

My kimber pro carry 2 is stock and it has a MUCH better trigger than any other handgun I have owned. I have owned a Ruger p95, taurus millenium 9mm, baby eagle .40, XD 40, XD45, CZ75b, and I may have missed some others. I have also shot a whole long list of handguns, NONE have the 1911 trigger system. Would it be that difficult in the past 100yrs? :confused:

CA357 06-18-2010 04:33 AM

I dunno...

BigO01 06-18-2010 04:44 AM

Gojubrian I think the simple reason for the popularity of so many of the DA/SA which in DA is so heavy is due to the ignorence of antigunners and even those like many Police officers who only carry a gun because it is part of the job not that they're into guns and are profiecient and knowledgeable with and about them . Due to this ignorence they honestly think that a longer heavier trigger mechinism will prevent accident despite the fact that plenty of AD's happen even back when Cops carried Revolvers .

If everyone were dedicated to safety there wouldn't be a need for DA/SA Autos and DA Revolvers to continue to exist after the 1911 was invented but unsafe people like with everything else need a scapegoat and if they were using a 1911 the gun gets the blame rather than the person who squeezed the trigger and fired the gun .

Look at the Glocks the fools who run the NYPD even had Glock develope a super hard trigger pull system that I read gives the gun a trigger pull in the high Teens Thinking this will keep the left wing idiot quota cops in that rat hole from unintentional discharges .

I doubt that the 1911 trigger system could ever be manipulated /modified so that it remained light and crisp yet cock a trigger .

Gojubrian 06-18-2010 08:45 AM


I think you are absolutely correct on alot of that!

but, shouldn't they atleast make it available for hardcore gunners like ourselves? There is obviously still a high demand for 1911's, more companies are joining all the time. :)

Dillinger 06-18-2010 08:48 AM

Part of the answer is that the 1911 is a single action style trigger, which means you need an exposed hammer to be able to cock the weapon. Most of the weapons you have listed are striker fired weapons, and thus, makes the design troublesome, not to mention a pain in the posterior to deal with.

Baring that, a rocker style trigger is much cheaper to manufacture, in the case of a company like H&K, out of polymer.

But, I can offer you this piece of solice in your search - 95% plus of the 1911's being made today in the production market ARE a modern weapon with advances to JMB's initial design and they all have the trigger you are looking for. :)


NGIB 06-18-2010 10:06 AM

Lots of machining is required to make the 1911 trigger work. Rails are cut into the frame for the trigger bow to ride in and if the frame flexed there would be problems. Many folks are more concerned with how many rounds can be jammed into a magazine than whether the trigger is just right.

I also agree with JD in that today's 1911 ARE modern guns and not the venerable 1911 of WW I...

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