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Why do people think police are so quick to kill you?

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Nonetheless - the moral is to always keep your hands on the wheel. And when in doubt, have your passengers do the same.....[/QUOTE]

Thats gonna be kinda crowded with everyones hands on the wheel
The only times in this nations history that anything great happened it was because normal men put aside their petty differences and fight for a common cause.


"The great object is that every man be armed . . . Everyone who is able may have a gun." (Patrick Henry, in the Virginia Convention on the ratification of the Constitution.)

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Originally Posted by DoubleAction View Post
I think people feel cheated with the fact that while most trust the police, the police do not feel the same toward the public.Trusting someone and getting no trust in return is something some people fail to accept with police.

One thing I hate is for someone to go out of their way to make acquaintances with local cops, then when they're stopped for some reason they start calling the cop by his first name and telling him a bunch of bull about knowing each other. That's another reason cop's are not so friendly.

Cops cannot afford to trust people, they cannot afford to be friendly, and they don't get paid to be careless or prejudice. They are paid to be courteous and cautious with the public.
you wouldn't believe how many people i stop happen to "know my chief". when i approach a vehicle it's not always decided yet if i'm writing a summons. but once a person starts feeding me BS my pen comes out.
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Originally Posted by BigO01 View Post
Always remember cops are people and some people are jerks , unfortunately it seems with all of the brain dead antigun politicians making moronic laws and controlling the police forces they specialize in hiring jerks .

It seems like I have been pulled over more in the last 10 years for some of the biggest BS things than ever and had to deal with a jerk hoping to write a ticket .

Few years ago bought a new car and was coming home from work at 3 am to get stopped because the plates didn't match the car "State law is you have 30 days to do a transfer and I had bought it less than a week before and hadn't had a day off to get everything done" even after showing my license and all paperwork including insurance card he stalls asking me moronic questions .

Finally after 30 minutes of playing 20 questions he tells me he is going to "Cut me a break" and not give me a ticket when I hadn't done anything illegal in the first place .

Another night I had one follow me for miles , he had seen me turn into a quicky mart and stop for gas and then followed me into my subdivision making several turns all of which I used my signals . Just my luck on the last turn a signal bulb burned out and didn't flash and he wasted no time at all hitting his lights . Once again I had all papers in order and even said to him he had seen me make several turns and demonstrated the burned out bulb for him .

He decided to not give me a ticket but told me to "Take care of that right away !" I then asked if he knew of an auto parts store that was open at 3am so I could get a bulb , funny he got a real stupid and embarrassed look and said "well just do it first thing in the morning" . Funny part was after having my license for 20 minutes and calling it in he asked me how far I had to go to get home despite being on my street which was a dead end and I was 2 houses away from mine . "Like I would turn onto a dead end street to try and run away from him LOL" .

I have had several more run ins with clowns just like the above including getting pulled over for something as stupid as having my license plate light bulb being burned out "Wow what a hardened criminal I am !!"
let me guess, because of your lifestyle you drive around late at night. i follow cars around (late at night) all the time until i find a reason to pull them over. it's not to be an A-Hole, but 9 times out of 10 there's somthing else illegal going on in the car (drugs, warrents, drunk, suspended license). i know that there are perfectly honest people out there late at night that i will inadvertantly stop. And there will be people that absolutly hate cops and there opinions will never change. i led troops in combat before becoming a cop. i could care less about peoples feelings. i'm still courteous, but MY safety is the priority.
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Originally Posted by dnthmn2004 View Post
wow, thats a lot of stops. average of 20 stops per hard working day. for 5 years straight. fishing for warrants, eh?

Actually only about 15/day, 5 days a week, 51 weeks a year (gotta take a little time off).

Fishing for warrants when riding a motorcycle? He!! no! Cannot transport, gotta call for a patrol unit, that pisses off the patrol supervisor, I rarely ran anyone for warrants, When I did it was because they gave me strong indicators they were likely wanted for something fairly major, not piddly a$$ traffic warrants. Search cars? Only when probable cause was established (Smell of burnt marijuana, etc). Ask for consent to search? I don't have time for that crap. Write 'em and cut 'em loose. Stats, baby. Motor cops are all about stats. OUr agency policy is "No verbal consent" Consent must be in writing, period. Stats. Yup, all about stats. But, in our book a warning is the same as a citation for stats. I wrote far more warnings than tickets. No one got a "Keeper" for less than 15 mph over the limit. Not worth my time to mess with the guy going 65 in a 55 when the next guy that goes by is going 90.

The pace of 15/day makes for a fast day. I am of the belief that the position I hold is not my job. It is the County's job. They just pay me to do it. I am going to earn my pay and give the County 40 hours worth of work each and every week. Investigating collisions, working radar/laser in school zones and neighborhoods, backing the patrol units when they need it. Yeah, it is a necessary function.

I have never killed anyone, never shot at anyone much less into anyone. I have had several situations that would have been justified in pulling the trigger, but I chose not to and they turned out all right. 24 years and going strong.
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