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tdprof 03-29-2009 04:38 PM

Who made this?
I recently acquired a small pocket revolver in what appears to be caliber 8mm French Ordnance Revolver of 1892 (8mm Lebel revolver). The pistol configuration is similar to a "British Bulldog" style. Charging is through a loading gate on the right side of the gun and the ejector rod is the type that is trapped in the cylinder pin until it is swung to the right side of the gun to push out the empties. It is obviously Belgian made as the back of the cylinder is proofed with the oval with E over LG surmounted by a crown (Belgian Proof) and a crown over L mark. The third mark on the cylinder that I do not recognize is also repeated on the frame where it meets the barrel and also on the right side of the barrel where it mates the frame. That mark is apparently a connected AL under a star. The right side of the barrel is also marked with an R under a crown. Left side of the frame is marked with ML under a crown. The pistol also has a safety lever mounted on the left side of the frame just above the grips that acts as a block on allowing the hammer or trigger to move.Grips are ebony wood with some of the finest checkering that I have ever seen. It is five shot and the flutes on the cylinder are dished flutes that do not run all the way to the front of the cylinder. It was just so cute when I saw it that I just had to have it and it seems to shoot just fine with.32 S&W Long ammo though not the most accurate in that caliber. 8mm Lebel pistol ammo is hard to find, hence the substitute. Can anyone out there tell me who made this gun and when it was made? I like to know the history of the weapons in my collection. Thanks.

AsmelEduardo 03-29-2009 08:38 PM

C. Clement.
Without a piture is't hard to say, but by the marks, proof and description I assume that it's a C. Clement Revolver from Clement Arms Co. or Fagnus Clemente A&C.... was made in Leige, Belgium; In late XIX century.

Here you can found more info about Clement.

AsmelEduardo 03-29-2009 08:47 PM


Originally Posted by tdprof (Post 88634)
... oval with E over LG surmounted by a crown (Belgian Proof) ...a crown over L mark. .... ...a connected AL under a star.... R under a crown... ...ML under a crown.

tdprof 03-31-2009 03:22 AM

Thank you. Mine is very similar but only 5 shot and the cylinder flutes are a bit different. Thank you again.


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