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huckleberry 02-11-2008 10:37 PM

What (in your opinion) is the best ccw?
Ok. This may have been asked before but I could'nt find it. I turn 21 next month and I will be getting my first ccw. So now I'm trying to decide what I want to carry. I thought i would ask everyones opinion, so.. what do yall think is the best gun for a ccw and why? pros/cons? I know this question is gonna get a lot of different answers but that is what I want. I dont make much money so this for me is a big purchase. I'm looking for something around 500 or so.

Zappa 02-12-2008 03:04 AM

Oh yeah, this question is gonna' stir up a hornets nest......
Over the years I've carried a variety of things including a Walther PPK, S&W M60, SIG 228, Seecamp .32, Glock 27, Browning Hi Power and a Lightweight Colt Officers Model. Exactly which one I'll be carrying on any given day is really a matter of what I'm wearing. In the Winter when I'm wearing a heavy coat, I'll carry something bigger like the Colt or Glock in a high-ride belt-slide type holster.
In warmer weather, I'll carry the PPK in an IWB holster or the Seecamp in a back pocket. If I'm wearing a light jacket I may carry the PPK or M60 in a shoulder holster. And if I wearing a Tuxedo I'll carry my fancy showpiece chrome and gold Hi Power ;)
They all have their pros and cons, but what it comes down to is, get something you're comfortable carrying and something you can hit with.

Samhain 02-12-2008 04:13 AM

I carry a S&W M&P .40c. (compact)
Runs around $400, AND s&w have a pro mo right now 2 free mags and a $50 rebate. The compact is smaller and is easy to conceal. The .40 cal packs a good pop as well. The only con, would be this gun does not have a safety.
Single action only.

Check it out. ctId=51902&langId=-1&parent_category_rn=15711&isFirearm=Y

Lists for $656 but check you local dealer, nobody sells it for that much.

hillbilly68 02-12-2008 11:57 AM


Originally Posted by Zappa (Post 16145)
And if I wearing a Tuxedo I'll carry my fancy showpiece chrome and gold Hi Power ;)

Oh gawd, please STOP:eek:


Originally Posted by Zappa (Post 16145)
They all have their pros and cons, but what it comes down to is, get something you're comfortable carrying and something you can hit with.

Seriously, this is the best advice you can get. It is what you (not any of us) are trained and proficient with. A good hit (shot placement) with a small(er) caliber will beat a miss with a large one every time.

Good luck

oldandslow 02-12-2008 10:28 PM


Tough question. There is no "best" carry pistol for everyone. There are many quality pistols available and what fits one person may not be best for another. Some thoughts follow:

1. Since you're starting out you need a caliber that is both effective and inexpensive to practice with. Over time you'll spend more on ammo than on the pistol. I'd recommend a 9mm. Other options include 40 SW, 45 and 357 sig, all cost significantly more to practice with.

2. You have to decide if you want a plastic or metal framed pistol. Good plastic (polymer) framed guns are Glock, SW M&P, and Springfield XD (also HK but its pricey). If you want metal get one with an aluminum frame- its lighter to carry.

3. You have to decide if you want a single action, double action only, or single-double action pistol (TDA or DA/SA).

4. Since you have already decided on a price range of about $500 that helps narrow the choices down. I'd recommend taking a look at the Glock 19, and the Springfield XD and SW M&P offerings. If you are interested there are also a number of good used pistols offered but you need to have some knowledge of which pistols are good buys, whether the seller is reliable, and if it has problems can they be fixed easily.
For what it's worth when I carry a 9mm I use either a Sig p239, SW 6906 or CZ 75 compact (I like metal framed guns).
Lastly- it helps greatly if you go to a range that rents pistols and try out several models. Once you pick a pistol then the quest for a good carry rig starts- belt and holster. Good luck.

best wishes- oldandslow

Catfish 02-14-2008 05:40 PM

Personally I like the S&W PD 629. But most of the people I know will not fire more than 1 round through it. It`s definately not one to start with.

Defender 02-17-2008 09:23 AM

You can't go wrong with a good mid-size (four inch barrel) 1911 in .45 ACP.

A proven design and cartridge.

Donn 04-24-2012 09:48 PM

Huck, the first thing I'd ask is how much experience do you have with handguns? This is not a thing to be ashamed of, we all had to start somewhere. If you're new to handguns, I'd suggest a revolver. They tend to be more reliable, safer and user friendly than an auto pistol. If you want an auto, Glock or S&W M&P. Both are good to go right out of the box. Good luck.

j4454 04-25-2012 12:16 AM

If you want a gun just for CCW something easy to conceal I would look at kahr. If you want something you can carry, take to the range, and put in the nightstand all in one I suggest a M&P9c. I say 9 cause it's cheaper and I recently sold all my 40s cause I don't like the cartridge. Just my opinion.

pistolero_loco 04-25-2012 12:58 AM

Consider the M&P Shield
9MM, thin and light, proven platform, thumb safety (for right hander), LCI peep hole, crisp trigger (not the long double action pull).

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