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GeneralPatton 04-25-2013 02:32 AM

What do your wives (or significant others) carry?
My wife decided a while back to get into shooting to go with me, and then decided to carry as well. We got her CCW and after a bit of testing, she decided on a KelTec P32. Well, now she decided she doesn't like it. She's not ready for a small frame 9, doesn't want a revolver, and does not like a .380. I'm going to try and get he accustomed to 9mm by getting her something full size, say like a S&W VTAC or Glock 19. I was just curious of others who've dealt with this type situation and what you did to resolve it. I'm think if I get her a fullsize 9 and she gets acclimated to the recoil of a 9 then we can move her into a carry 9 down the road 9 (and I'll have another full size handgun in my personal arsenal!) :cool:


MisterMcCool 04-25-2013 02:36 AM

I can't even get my wife to carry groceries. No way she would carry a gun.

winds-of-change 04-25-2013 02:45 AM


Originally Posted by MisterMcCool (Post 1226190)
I can't even get my wife to carry groceries. No way she would carry a gun.

I would prefer carrying a gun before I'd carry the groceries..........but I do have to carry the groceries...........:(

fa35jsf 04-25-2013 03:17 AM

Nothing right now. I will get her to carry something one day, just got to keep gettin her hands on different guns till she figures out what she likes. She has yet to shoot my Kel-Tec PF9. She was tellin me about the gun bras she saw at a gun shop the other day. She thought that was neat. I guess she must have dosed off in the CHL class we took together when the instructor was talking about various carry holsters :rolleyes:

kalboy26 04-25-2013 04:23 AM

When my wife carries its a revolver. Ruger LCR. Great little gun. I know that's not what your looking for, but my wife said the same thing until she started shooting more guns. After trying different guns, she found she really liked it. Good luck.

Fathead00 04-25-2013 04:38 AM

ZG started carry a KelTec P3AT which is a .380. We sold that and now she carries a Ruger LC9.

JohnJak 04-25-2013 02:05 PM

Colt Delta 10mm

Gibbs9mm 04-25-2013 02:38 PM

My wife carries a g19 and loves it

SigArmored 04-25-2013 03:08 PM

My Gf doesn't carry but when we shoot out of every thing I have (9mm,40s&w,357Sig,45)she loves to shoot my PX4 Storm subcompact in 40s&w.

thefarmboy21 04-25-2013 03:15 PM

My wife started with a snub .38 5-shot revolver (Taurus 85) and absolutely loved it. She was very accurate with it. Then we both decided that purse carry wasn't ideal for many reasons. Mainly because that's the first thing a mugger grabs and another big reason is because she leaves it on store shelves way more than you would think :/ Anyhow she decided the only way she would probably carry on her would be pocket carry. She's about 5'4" and 110 pounds, so she can't hide anything very well anyway. She handled every little pocket pistol she could and decided on a Ruger LCP with a laser. She loves it! We're gonna get her a pocket holster with the faux zipper flap and also a bulldog cellphone style holster I think.

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