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cghamm117 01-23-2011 06:46 AM

want to buy a cheap hadgun
Hey im looking to buy a decently cheap handgun. Im thinking around the most 200. I know everyone is thinkin im crazy but im not using it for self defense other than i guess if someone broke into my house but then i would just use one of the other guns. But anyway i can not carry it with me because this crappy state i live in. But anyway the reason i want a inexpensive handgun is because i want to be a cop and i would like to get more practice in shooting a handgun. I have seen videos and was honestly quite inpressed with the high point handgun i always thought they were big pieces. But if you watch the youtube video type "hi point test " you would be amazed as well. But anyway im not set on that i would like a accurate and reliable gun. Im not using it for carry so i would like a full sized weapon. Then honestly someday i want probably a glock and several other guns so this will just be the cheap night stand gun. But any suggestions would be greatly appreciated thanks.

danf_fl 01-23-2011 07:27 AM

Hi-Point handgun and wanting to become a police officer. How many policemen have you seen shoot the Hi-Point?

Save your money and purchase what is normally used by the police in your area.

If you do a search on Hi-Point, you will find that there are people who either like or dislike them.

IMO, you would be better off purchasing a handgun that is easier to get accessories (extra mags, holster), and that can be repaired easily in the local area (i.e. warranty issues).

Go to a nearby range and watch. You will see what others are buying and shooting in the area and you will have a chance to ask questions.

sweeper22 01-23-2011 07:45 AM

If you want a gun that you'll rarely shoot and tuck it away just in case you should ever need it, Hi Point will do the trick for under $200.

If you actually want to shoot regularly, build a skill, and have that skill translate to a future career, buy something better. For $250-350 you can get into some really decent Rugers or a S&W Sigma (aka SW9ve). I've actually seen used Sigmas go for $200. These guns will be quite applicable to what might be a future law enforcement sidearm, and they'll be reliable pistols for a long time.

IMO the difference in quality that extra $100 or so affords you is immense.

sputnik1988 01-23-2011 08:46 AM

Agree with Sweeper, spend a little more and get a Sigma 9 or .40, nothing wrong with a nightstand Hi-point, but a Glock it ain't, you want practice with something comparable, Dad has a Sigma, not pretty IMO (but it's a show piece compared to the Hi-point), it's a great gun.

rj55rj 01-23-2011 12:34 PM

If you have a range near by that rents guns, try a few different types.
This will help as what to buy.


robocop10mm 01-23-2011 01:23 PM

I am a huge S&W fan, but the newer Sigmas are the reason they have a n awful reputation. The triggers are beyond bad. I have a 40C and a 9V. The triggers are far better than the VE series. Look for a used F or C model, but avoid the serial number prefix PAA or PAB. The first ones put out in .40 were chambered too tight. Most were sent back and rebarrelled, but you don't need the aggravation incase you get one that has not been corrected even though S&W will still fix them free.

Eric0424 01-23-2011 01:25 PM

Like others have said, if you push your price up to $300-400 there are a lot of better options out there. Taurus, Smith & Wesson, Ruger, Sig and Bersa all have pistols in that price range and are much better suited for frequent range visits. A lot of gun shops have a layaway plan that can help finance a more expensive weapon with most of us being squeezed by the current economy.

...and a good used 9mm pistol can save some cash as well. Just shop around you local gun stores and ask about a layaway plan.

gatopardo 01-23-2011 02:57 PM

Hi-point 40 caliber, I love shooting mine. Good luck

DarinCraft 01-23-2011 04:40 PM

If you are learning to shoot a handgun and you are wanting to be a cop, save some more money and buy something that you most likely will be carrying. I know this isn't what you wanted to here, but in CA if you want to be a cop, most of the time you have to pay for the academy yourself and supply your own gun. Here if you showed up to the Academy with a Hi-point you would get sent home until you found a "acceptable" gun. So why spend $200 now only to $300-500 later when you enroll in the Academy?

HOSSFLY 01-23-2011 06:01 PM

The hi point will do the job for $200 -
However when you walk out the dealers door you'd be hard pressed to re sell it for $100 :o

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