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pumpkinball 07-31-2010 01:30 AM

Various 9mm
I got on the topic of 9mm with my boss today. He was asking what all different 9mm there were, in terms of 9x18, 9x19, 9mm luger, 9mm short, etc. Well I answered him as well as I could with some doubts of my own. I know the most common is the 9mm luger which is 9x19. That's easy. I know they make a 9mm short and I think that it is the 9x18. However, he thinks the 380acp is the same as the 9x18 or 9mm short. I feel like they wouldn't call them something different if they were the same. I believe th380 might be something like a 9x17(possibly). I also have heard of a 9mm parrabellum. I'm comfortable saying that it is 9x20. So what I'm asking is what are all the 9mm offered, and how are they comparable with each other? Also does the 380 even fit in the 9mm family? Am I crazy for asking these questions or is there really alot of confusion with this stuff? Oh, and I did see, on youtube, a guy shooting 9mm luger in a Makarov 9x18. I know that ain't smart, especially seeing as the breech doesn't even close. But the Makarov that I looked at was a 380. It was the same that this guy had, so that raises the whole 380 vs. 9mm thing again. Thanks for taking the time to help out an ameture gun enthusiast that just wants to learn.


General_lee 07-31-2010 01:45 AM

9x19 is 9mm Luger AND (as far as I know) Parabellum.
9x18 is 9mm Makarov
9x17 is .380 (in Europe it's known as 9mm Kurz)
9x20.3 is 9mm Browning long.

That is as far as I know, If I made any mistakes I'm sure someone will correct me.

Flint Rock 07-31-2010 01:56 AM

.380 ACP, 9mm Kurz, 9x17mm, 9mm Corto, 380 Short, 9mm Browning = all the same thing, just different names

Flint Rock 07-31-2010 02:00 AM

9mm, 9x19mm, 9mm Luger, 9x19 Parabellum = all the same thing, just different names

Flint Rock 07-31-2010 02:06 AM

9x18mm Makarov, 9x18mm PM = all the same thing, just different names

danf_fl 07-31-2010 02:14 AM

As a reminder, do not shoot ammo in your gun that it was not designed for.
A 9X18 will fit and chamber in a 9X19, but pressures are not the same.
And that goes for trying a 9X17 in a 9X19, don't do it.

c3shooter 07-31-2010 02:23 AM

In addition to the rounds listed, there was a 9mm Ultra, a 9mm Magnum, 9mm Glisenti, 9mm Bowning Long, 9mm Bergman, 9mm Roth-Steyr, 9mm Largo, a (very rare) 9.8mm ACP, and the .38 Auto and .38 Super (9mms). And most of those do not interchange with anything. But they DO keep cartridge collectors quite happy and busy. :p

pumpkinball 07-31-2010 02:44 AM

WOW who knew there would be so many. I'll have to write all this down to be able to remember it. Keep it up guys. I'm loving it. Thanks.

Rick1967 07-31-2010 02:48 AM

Someone once told me that you could shoot a .380 out of a 9mm pistol. That does not seem safe to me. I reload both. And they use different shell holders. Also these type of cartidges headspace off the mouth of the case. So using a shorter case than is supposed to be seems like a great opportunity to at the very least start breaking parts. Using too long a case would probable keep the gun from going into battery. If it did fire, I wouldn't want to be anywere around.

M14sRock 07-31-2010 02:58 AM


Originally Posted by Flint Rock (Post 323219)
9mm, 9x19mm, 9mm Luger, 9x19 Parabellum = all the same thing, just different names

Add 9mm NATO to that list, too.

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