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mesinge2 04-11-2011 11:10 PM

UPDATE I have a new shooter, I think?
My Original Post:


As many of you know I like all guns but 1911s and Security Six wheelies are my weakness.

Well, my cousin got a 1911 Commerative Edition Thompson/Auto-Ord, you know its one of those Gold covered things that make you want to vomit from America Remembers that cost $2,000 and you can't sell it for $400.

He got it on the cheap for the aforementioned reason but he hates it. He said it shoots like crap and he can't carry it (too big). So we went to the range and its shoots pretty good, its not a Colt, but its not bad either. He just isn't great with the GI sights. He is still ticked off and wants to go the other route a NAA 22 mag (another with crap sights and hard to shoot. So, I offer him a trade. One of my extra S&W J frames for the Thompson. I gave him a S&W model 60 .357 (I had 3, two in 357 and one in 38) and I took this:

The gun would look great with no gold as the pulm bluing is amazing, look at the right side of the slide!
Anyways, I am planning to shoot the crap out of it, unless someone else can change my mind. Opinions

I traded it for a Taurus, I know, and a .22LR Ruger mark II. The Taurus is the model 608, an 8-shot 357 magnum with a 4" barrel. I figure its as a great home defense gun that I don't care if it winds up in evidence for a while. And the Mark II, well everyone knows what that is.

Considering that I bought the model 60 for $325 many moons ago I think this turned out pretty good!

Here are the Pics:

danf_fl 04-12-2011 12:50 AM

Now if you try to outdo NGIB with trading.... :)

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