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NGIB 06-10-2010 11:53 PM

Two today
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I was surfing our GA gun swap boards this morning and I saw a "must sell quick" ad letting two go very cheap. The guns were a like new Glock 26 with 3 mags for $350 and a like new Walther PK380 with 2 mags for $250. While I'm not a Glock fan, they make great trading material and at that price I called and said I'd take it. I setup the meet for just after quitting time today. About a half hour before I was going to leave for the day, the fella called me and said he really needed to sell both guns today and asked if I'd give him $550 for the pair.

At that price I couldn't pass them up so I bought both of them and the Walther came with 50 rounds of premium defensive ammo. The young soldier was happy to get the cash he really needed and I got 2 nearly new guns really cheap. No, I didn't need either but they will make good trade material when I figure out if I need anything special. My new gun cash fund is now officially empty so no more until I sell some stuff...

CA357 06-10-2010 11:59 PM

Screamin' deals there Dave. Congrats.

JoeParker 06-11-2010 12:24 AM

You got yourself an AWESOME deal there. Congratulations sir!

lonyaeger 06-11-2010 12:26 AM


Originally Posted by NGIB (Post 297924)
My new gun cash fund is now officially empty so no more until I sell some stuff...

Yeah, right!

Shihan 06-11-2010 01:05 AM

I will be in Hinesville Ga tomorrow about 3, we need to talk. I want a screaming deal like that.

spittinfire 06-11-2010 01:31 AM

I"ll give you $225 for that 380 right now.

Gojubrian 06-11-2010 02:00 AM

How much do you want for that G26? I've always not ever wanted one. They are so the opposite of purty and fit my hand great ,just like a football bat!! Super accurate and reliable up to 4feet and will loan you money and let you drink it's beer too.

Nah, once again Dave your deals amaze me. I never get that lucky. They are both good to trade with. I've seen two walther pk380's for sale lately, $390 and $400, but they had nickel slides. Think you can get another 1911 for the pair? :D

Shihan 06-11-2010 02:05 AM

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Oh, that is a Glock, thought it was an XD compact.:eek::D
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NGIB 06-11-2010 10:48 AM

While y'all like to give me hell about my rotating inventory, I guarantee that none of you folks would have passed up this deal. The Walther is headed home with me today as a gift for the wife. I know she'll be happy it as it matches her beloved P22. It's a spiffy little gun and from everything I've read & heard a very soft shooter. I won't have the Glock long as a G26 is probably the most popular gun in this part of GA and I'll get something good for it for sure...

spittinfire 06-11-2010 10:52 AM


Originally Posted by NGIB (Post 298100)
The Walther is headed home with me today as a gift for the wife.

Now what am I suppose to give MY wife?

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