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Dillinger 01-17-2011 03:23 PM

Tripp’s Cobra Magazine Test
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I can’t believe I had not done this test before this weekend. I owe Cane and Tripp’s a HUGE apology, so for that I am VERY sorry.

I couple of month’s back I was at the range and after about 100-120 rounds I had not one, but two, Failure to Feed issues in my beloved T3. This is the pistol I carry all the time and also is in the truck with me practically everywhere I go. This is my go-to piece should need arise when I am not at home. Now I was shooting range ammo at the time and the weapon was getting warm to the touch, it was a Nighthawk provided Novak magazine that was in question, but I was immediately concerned. I ran two other mags with the same ammo and did not have an issue even after the FTF, so the assumption is that part of the lip on the mag was the issue. That magazine was binned so as not to be used again by mistake.

But I had had previous conversations with another T3 owner here that was experiencing feeding issues in his T3 and went so far as to send it back to Nighthawk. I believe he got his issues worked out. Now the T3 has all the bells and whistles, so there is nothing wrong with the feed ramp, the frame/slide, spring pressure or anything like the norm that you might ask about. In fact the spring is higher rated for +P consumption so I decided to talk to Cane.

Cane suggested I give Tripp’s a try, but instead of leaving it at that, he contacted them and arranged for them to send me a (7) round test mag free of charge to me. I am not sure if Cane paid for it secretly and the old snake won’t tell, but I have my suspicions. :cool:

It honest to God showed up at a time when I had ordered a bunch of other stuff for both myself, and for early Christmas shopping, and I had it sitting right there on top of the safe in the box it came in and TOTALLY forgot about it. I found it on Friday when I was getting stuff ready for SHOT and went “Oh Sh*t! – I need to make this right”

So I went to the range on the Saturday and put it through its paces. To avoid as much bias as I could, I rented a range gun and that was an exercise in itself. I talked to the guy behind the counter about the test and that I needed a 1911 that would take 7 round mags, so I needed a smaller frame model. This jack-a-lope kept trying the mag in not one, not two, but 3 full sized models and SURPRISE, it wouldn’t lock in place. To his defense it was a bit busy, it was noisy and he does have hearing aides but C’mon Man – THINK!! So the only thing they had available was (I Think ) a Kimber Ultra Carry in 3”. But, he couldn’t rent it to me until they cleaned it. So, I explained that I wanted it dirty, hence the test in the first place. :rolleyes:

I fed 100 rounds of Winchester White and PMC range ammo through both my T3 and the Kimber as fast as I could load and pull the trigger. To avoid any questions or complaints, I hung a friendly sign that explained what I was doing and actually think I ended up selling a guy on the Tripp’s mags when he was watching and then started asking me questions while I was reloading. He was quite impressed.
Both weapons were hot to the touch and the magazine fed both types of ammo flawlessly whether it was straight 7 rounds or when I went with 7+1. Both weapons picked up the rounds and fed them smooth, no matter what angle the weapon was at (Yes, I even did Gangsta Lean 90 degree left with both pistols and fired the T3 upside down as another test – I was pulling out all the stops).

Bottom Line for this test – This magazine is now my primary magazine in my T3 as I right this and I am going to be visiting the Tripps’ booth at SHOT to see if they have any deals going on, but if they don’t I will be ordering another 3 for my T3 and a 6 pack for my full sized models when I get back. These magazines are hands down better than advertised and get two thumbs WAY up from JD.

Here are some shots from the range. I wish I could tell you I was shooting at 25 yards, hitting all bulls and all the other BS that we seem to get in Range Reports, but I set this target at only 8 yards. You will notice I was all over the page and that was because I was shooting doubles, triples, sideways, upside down and even went 8 rounds as fast as I could pull the trigger on a couple of occasions. Personally I feel this target represents a true test at 24 feet of what either of these weapons would do if you were just running and gunning for your life and don’t have any shame in posting it.

Dillinger 01-17-2011 03:26 PM

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Here are some more shots from the range and all the empty brass in front of my station. :D

CA357 01-17-2011 06:42 PM

Thanks for the report.

willfully armed 01-17-2011 07:01 PM

hmm..... can someone arrange for some free mags that i can test ;)

IGETEVEN 01-18-2011 02:12 AM

spittinfire 01-18-2011 02:17 AM

Can we finally agree that they are the best?

Gatekeeper 01-18-2011 02:34 AM

Jpyle 01-18-2011 03:01 AM


Originally Posted by willfully armed (Post 423957)
hmm..... can someone arrange for some free mags that i can test ;)

I'll buy the mags if someone will send me a Nighthawk...:rolleyes:

canebrake 01-18-2011 03:08 AM


When will you start listening to the old man??

Tripp Research, Inc.

DarinCraft 01-18-2011 04:24 AM

Thanks for the report JD. I've been waiting on new mags because it seems people who own Kimbers use 47d and the Colt guys use the Tripps. Since I need some mags I guess I'll step out and get the Tripps.

Thanks again

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