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Thoughts on a type of small handgun that is relatively easy to use for a beginner

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Originally Posted by hiwall View Post
Yes you can the case diameter is the same. I do think some(all?) of the 38 colts had a larger bore size but the bullets were all .358 diameter. many of these bullets were skirted or had hollow bases to fill the larger bore.
Huh, didn't know that. From my research they seem to be very hard to find cartridges so reloading would be imperitive, if you were going to shoot much of them.
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I also recommend renting trying out different types of guns.

Chantilly (VA) has a range where you can rent different types.

I did not have any gun experience at all so after I took a class at a local range (in NC), I came back occasionally and rented a different gun each time. I found one I loved to keep at the house. Like you, I am still looking for a good conceal carry gun (I'm also a female in her 20's.) I am interested to know what you finally choose.
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I agree that you need to try the gun first find a range that rents them, almost everyone I know recommended I get a Glock but I put about 15 rounds through one and knew I didn't like, it's just what you prefer and what feels good to you. I love my SR9C but the barrel is a little long so since I've been carrying IWB on the back of my hip if I don't wear a really long shirt it prints so depending on how you plan to carry, take that into consideration, if you're small it's harder to conceal a gun with a longer barrel. I've been looking at an LC9 to carry, 3" barrel single stack, 7+1 cap and it's chambered in 9mm which isn't terribly expensive to shoot and unlike .22 is something I feel comfortable using for self-defense.... Sorry that got kinda long but I've been through this
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Originally Posted by utf59 View Post
Finally, here's a website that's written by a woman who has excellent advice for women shooters, including an article on how to judge whether a gun really fits your hand.

Happy shopping!
followed the link and liked what I saw. Not a female myself but my loved one was taken in by the analogy of the cat. Seemed to make sense to her as well as get a smile out me.

Looks like a great resource utf59
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Originally Posted by Win73 View Post
From what you say, and if you have been shooting before, I would recommend a .38 Special snub nose revolver. If you haven't done much shooting, it might be better to start with a .22 revolver to learn trigger control and sight alignment. A .22 is much cheaper for practice.
Another vote for a hammerless .38 snubnose.

Rent one first. If recoil is too much, consider

a similar revolver in .22LR...
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While the .38/.357 snub nose revolver is an iconic carry pistol, realize that it is also very much (IMHO) an expert's pistol. The gun is light weight, short barreled, and has a heavy double action trigger pull. All of these things make this gun difficult to shoot well. The new pocket .380s also tend to fall into this category for me as well. These guns will not be that much fun to shoot, and will require practice to gain proficiency. They are good choices, but only if you make your selection understanding the negatives so that you can work to limit their impact.

A slightly heavier revolver, like a model 640 or 65 (3-inch) might serve you better. I am also intrigued by the new 2.5 inch model 642.

I would recommend a compact 9mm pistol, and if you are interested in concealed carry I would point you towards Kahr 9mm pistols and the Walther PPS. Glock 19 is an excellent pistol, and my default recommendation as a place to start looking when new shooters ask about semi-autos, but it may be a little large from some people to carry concealed comfortably.

Good luck, and let us know what you decide.
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I agree with spittinfire, a good .357 loaded with .38s, at least until you become accustomed to firing it. Then move up to the .357 mag rounds. Kahr makes a nice selection of small automatics, perhaps you might look into the PM9. A very nice CCW weapon, but slightly costly. Whatever you decide, practice, practice, practice! Then, practice some more. Happy Shopping!
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I think what might fit your needs at the moment
would be a Ruger LCP 380, which is small, light,
but can be quite powerful at close range. I have
one as my back-up. But have been carrying it so
much because of the convienience that it might
very well be considered my primary.
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You have been offered some good advice (albeit varied- opinions are like that, y'know)

However, you have two problems- you listed home as Washington DC, listed home as Washington DC.

First you can only purchase a handgun from a resident of, or a dealer in, your state of residence. I think there is ONE dealer in Washington DC. And he is NOT cheap. Second, you are NOT going to get a concealed carry permit. You will jump thru many, MANY hoops to get a license to possess a handgun IN YOUR HOME. But CCW in DC? Nope. NOT gonna happen.

Step 1- get the hell out of DC. Make sure you cross the Potomac into Virginia- gun laws are a lot better than MD.
Step 2- find a range that rents handguns, offers instruction, and go see what you like. Make sure you wear hearing and eye protection, go shoot, have fun.
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c3shooter has a good point. There are many ranges that rent firearms, and thats a very good way to make a decision. You know, actually firing the weapon. And that part about being in DC, thats kinda not gonna work out so great, as our friend here indicated. Bummer, man.
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