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Gonzilla 12-01-2013 05:46 AM

I have an Old T/C that I bought way back when i was in the Army. It came with two .357 barrels, one w manual sights and the other for scope use. the barrel with manual sights fired fine and I always figured I'd get a good scope one day and then I'd really get to see how accurate a pistol the platform really is. Well I picked up a Tasco World Class special edition from their custom shop but one thing lead to anohter like they usually do and i never got it mounted.

Well, years later, my bud mounted it for me and now the gun will not fire. The hammer simply can not reach the firing pin. In addition, I am having one hell of a time seeing out of the scope which is supposed to be 2-8 power. It is years beyoned experiation so I'm SOL on multiple levels. Just hoping it semi workds on 2X to look through but i suppose the point is moot because the gun will not fire. Any suggestions ?

I only paid $100 for a T/C w two barrels so I'm really not out much and it was my fault buying a cheaper pistol scope. With some LR ammo, this pistol counld or at least should, have some long range potential. If I can get the scope to work the 357 would be a great hunting gun for whitetail down to coyote. and a whole lot cheaper to shoot than .44 mag.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. - Thank You

Gonzilla 10-17-2014 06:41 PM

SW sent me shipping label and fixed the gun for Free !

I told SW I got a lot of advice from the internet and was ready to start filing - just a little confused on where to start....shipping label arrived a few days later.

Not sure which scared them more, internet advice or me w file...:rolleyes:

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