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mikemc 02-13-2013 04:52 PM

subcompact 9mm
Hello everyone and yes I am very new to this (handguns).

I've been reading and talking to whomever I can to try and get a good idea of what I want and what is truly available to me, knowing that price will play at least a small part. I am registered for my CPL/CCW class (2/23/13) and have not decided on any hardware just yet. I definitely want something small (I'm small and not heavy) for concealment purposes and I have been leaning towards a 9mm type subcompact. I originally was looking into .380's, but with the market for seemingly dependable and small 9mm's being as well populated as it is, I think that is where I will look. Does anyone have any experience with, and thoughts on, the Kel-Tec PF9, the Ruger LC9 and the S&W 9mm Shield, subcompacts? I know that the Kel-Tec is the least expensive and the other two are probably about $100 more but I'd like to hear anything that anyone has to say about each of them. Actually, any advice on small carry guns is appreciated.

Thanks gang and I am really looking forward to getting going with this.

Cattledog 02-13-2013 05:03 PM

Best advice on any handgun is to get some trigger time. Call up any local ranges you have and see if that have some compact nines to try out. That said, I have a keltec pf-9 and it's a solid firearm with a perfectly engineered barrel. More accurate than it has any right to be, really.

accurate for the barrel length
slim and light
1 round mag extension available that creates a full grip.
reliable (in my own experience) after 1000+ rounds
awesome customer service
lifetime warranty

the firing pin hates being dryfired, don't do it.
could have a long break in period , up to 200 hundred rounds before the action works correctly

Baxter 02-13-2013 06:22 PM

I personally like the LC9 of the ones you listed. Would also look into Taurus 709 and even 740. Also Kahr cw9, and Bersa has a nice selection of Ccw options. All are relatively low in price with the cw9 prob the most expensive.

marc29th 02-13-2013 06:56 PM

I have both the Ruger LC9 and the S&W M&P Shield 40 both are fine carry guns. I think most people would prefer the Shield because of the trigger. But for pocket carry the LC9 is better as it is just a hair smaller and that makes all the difference.

purehavoc 02-13-2013 09:15 PM

I have the Ruger LC9 and the Diamondback DB9 . I have some likes and dislikes about both , I will start with the LC9

LC9 Pros : lots of safety features , Loaded chamber indicator, Key lock trigger disengage which is great if you have kids around, adjustable sights, 7+1 rounds, Included grip extension , Safety , Slide lock , fairly accurate for the short barrel . Lifetime Warranty

Cons: THE TRIGGER sorry but it is one of the worst I have ever felt , its extra long " Longer than most DAO revolvers I have handled"
The mag release is not in the best location and people with big hands can easily drop the mag while firing , If you do drop the mag and still have one in the chamber you cannot fire it if your trying to change mags , So one in the chamber and no mag in it disengages the trigger . The safety not only disengages the trigger but it also locks the slide , not really a great feature when your under stress , The slide lock is hard to work until it gets broke in , " when the slide is locked back you cannot push the slide lever to close the slide it needs a light pull back on the slide to do this process, until broken in fully then its not a problem. Only 1 mag , these run about $30 each , comes with a cheap not so padded carry case . Not the easiest to field strip , you need something to push the pin out with

Diamondback DB9
striker fired , GREAT Trigger for such a small gun , thinner and smaller frame than the LC9 " more concealable" No, safety , This is a pro for me for concealed carry ,Im not a big safety fan, keep your finger off the trigger and you dont have to worry about a safety . adjustable front and rear dovetail sights . This gun will let you fire a round in the chamber with the mag out +1 :D .Very simple to field strip , it strips exactly like the Glocks and is done in seconds. Comes with a nice hard case Lifetime Warranty

Cons only 6+1 rounds that does contribute to being smaller , no slide lock on last shot , when your out of ammo and pop in another mag you have to work the slide to chamber the round since it does not lock back on the last round
Only 1 mag with this gun :( and yes they are pretty proud at $36-40 each .

I did notice the DB9 has a little lesser recoil than the LC9 due to a heavier recoil spring , The LC9 bottom plate on the mag will fit on the DB9 mag if you need that extra grip extension ,

Im a Ruger fan but for CCW I would rather carry the DB9

hardluk1 02-13-2013 10:27 PM

Don't pass up the keltec p-11 and the lastest version from SCCY the cpx-2. A close but nicer copy of the p-11. $250 dollars will get cha one. Not real many bad pistols out there. bad ammo and shooter habits. Pick the best you can afford, clean it and feed it will.

Dizzll 02-14-2013 06:35 PM

I recommend getting a lot of trigger time and rent some guns. Out of what you have proposed, I'd lean towards the shield. Others to consider however would be a Glock 26 or Springfield XDM9c

truevil1313 02-14-2013 07:23 PM

I love my Sig P290, and only sort of like my Sig P938.

Sentry18 02-16-2013 02:36 AM

I had a Kel-Tec PF9 for almost 2 weeks. Kept ejecting mags for no known reason and then just stopped working all together. Got my money back. I currently own a S&W Shield 9mm and a Ruger LC9. The Shield is the better gun. From fit and finish to accuracy and shootability. But the LC9 is not a piece of junk (like the PF9 was). I added a Galloway Trigger kit to it and it was a night and day difference. While I prefer the Shield I don't feel under-gunned at all with the LC9. Outside of those three I would look at the Beretta Nano and the Walther PPS.

bigbomar4 02-16-2013 03:35 AM

I had an LC9 and it was a great gun. It fit my hand great, pretty accurate, very reliable, and very easy to conceal. I'm a lefty so the left side only safety was a down vote for me but if you are right handed it shouldnt cause you any throuble. I just could never get used to the trigger. The pull is waaayyyy long. It is pretty smooth tho. I ended up giving mine to my dad. I now carry a SIG P938. It is amazing! Feels great, more accurate than I am, extremely reliable, very easy to conceal and an amazing trigger for a gun this small. It also has an ambi safety that works good for me.

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