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m72law 11-04-2009 01:55 AM

stolen ruger blackhawk 44mag....also...
my father-n-law had his ruger blackhawk 44mag stole last week or so from my ex-brother-n-law.(ruger blackhawk 44mag,8inch barrel with hogue grips blued finish)...he filed a report with the rowan police dept. a few days ago.i was wondering when you give the cops who make and file the report,is the report only for this state?..say if the gun winds up out of the state and gets used in a crime or pawned,ect...will it still come up as stolen or what not?...and one more thing,do the cops or who ever check with pawnshops when dealing with a stolen firearm?...any info about any of these questions would be a big help in understanding and seeing what kind of odds of getting the pistol back....thanks

Gojubrian 11-04-2009 04:38 AM

My dad had several pistols stolen when I was a teenager. The sad thing is, one of my so-called friends was the thief. He went to Texas and there's no telling what they did with the guns.

Truth is, you're probably never going to see that gun again, but to be prudent I would check all the pawnshops myself.

spittinfire 11-04-2009 11:46 AM

I'm sorry to hear about the pistol being stolen. I'm not far from you and I'll check the local shops as I can get around to them. You did the right thing by reporting it stolen. Now if it is used in a crime and the serial number is still registered to you, you have proof that the weapon was stolen and you then cannot be held responsible. That is my understanding of how the registration works here in NC but you may want to talk to a lawyer to make sure.

Would his renters/home owners insurance cover the value?

.22hustler 11-04-2009 12:22 PM

I believe the stolen guns' serial # is entered into a federal data base.To further explain, my wife purchased a pair of pistols, P-38 and a FN 1910/22, from the original owners son. They were bring-backs from WWII, and were never registered here in NY. The procedure we used is to turn them in to our local gunsmith/FFL holder, and he in turn gives us a receipt for them. He then turns them in to the local county sheriffs office where he will check them against their file of stolen firearms. If he clears them, the Lt. will then check with the NYS police to further evaluate the serial #'s. If all goes well, the guns are then returned to the owner, and in my wifes case, put on her pistol permit.If they were stolen, you won't ever see them again.We knew they were "clean" as they were purchased from the original owners' son, and he had the bring-back orders. There's no way she would have purchased a hot firearm, the penalties just aren't worth it. Approx 10-15 years ago, the local police chief's car was entered, unlocked, and his service revolver was stolen, (dumb ass). It was later recovered several years later at a bust in a local crack-house...By checking serial numbers....

masterPsmith 11-04-2009 12:51 PM

When a firearm is reported as stolen, the serial # is entered in the N.C.I.C database as stolen. The N.C.I.C. is the National Crime Information Center and is used by all Law Enforcement. It will stay there indefinately unless it listed as recovered. Then it will be listed as stolen/recovered.


robocop10mm 11-04-2009 01:04 PM

NCIC keeps stolen firearms in the system forever. As long as you had the serial number, it will probably turn up eventually. I recovered a rifle this spring that was stolen in 1972. Yes, 37 years later we got the gun back and it was in amazing shape. I even managed to find the rightful owner even though our reports were spartan back in those days and he had moved multiple times. He was elated to say the least.

I don't know about your state, but in Texas the pawn shops cannot have any pawned items out for display/sale for 90 days after the transaction. This is because a pawn is a loan with the item useed as collateral. They must give the person 90 days to pay off the loan and get their property back.

Check with the PD and see if they subscribe to Leads online. It is an internet site LE agencies can subscribe to and Pawn shops can participate in. It is free for the shops. I have immediate access to 95% of the pawn shops in Texas.

Bigguns911 11-04-2009 03:54 PM

+10 on Robocop statements. In WA the gun would go into NCIC and then any state that might run it would have a hit on it. That is if the serial #'s are still on it. If the numbers have been taken off it would unlawful to have and therefore taken as evidence. Also when the gun is ran it will come back to the person the made the report, IE your dad.

In WA the pawn shops have to run the gun for stolen before selling it. But in most cases the shi!bag that took the gun will not sell it to a pawn. He will sell it to a second shi!bag that will do what he does with it. That is way in WA I can not charge a person for the theft of a the gun just possession of a stolen fire arm. Also the Police in most area do not have the man power to check each pawn shop for stolen items. Some time that happens but most likely it will not.

Just to get your hopes up, my brother had a Rem 870 stolen in the Seattle area. After several years the PD there found it on a drug sting. The gun was trash and my bro turned it over to the PD for destruction but it was found. Good luck

JiroZero713 11-04-2009 04:28 PM

Aye I just recently started my record of my guns. Don't really like telling them when or who I bought my guns from on the sheet though...although I can understand how that helps them...I'm leaving it blank for now as I can remember that offhand.

m72law 11-04-2009 08:40 PM

thanks for all the replys about this...& thanks looking in all the shops in kannapolis through albemarle...if you hear or see anything like it give my dadnlaw a call @ 704 279-4210 ask for david tucker....damn thats wierd gojubrian would say that about texas.from what we got from another crackhead that my exbronlaw hung out with said that the guy that bought the gun was headed to texas with it?me and my fathernlaw went to the guys house that we where told the gun was at...and supposably the guy was buying a diffrent gun from the ex crackhead bro-n-law...whats freaking bad was the timing on our part...when we went down the road that the guy lives on...(same road as exbro-n-laws brother):rolleyes:ex brother-n-law was standing at the road as we went by and looked like he had seen a ghost:D...what sucked was we didnt have an address so we pretty much knocked on a couple of doors and thanks to some little kids playing in one of the yards,i asked them where this scumbag lived and they said right next door.(i love the fact that all kids will tell it how it is & dont hold back:)...but of course with this down time not knowing exactly where to go...the ex bro-n-law had time to tip the guy off and get him to make up some story about not buying a 44mag from the exbro...but a 270 rifle?...hell the guy that lived there wasnt at home but there was another crackhead there and called the guy about what we where doing over we left empty handed but knowing how this crackhead is....he'll wind up doing something dumb again and will get caught.what is sad is my father-n-laws daughter which is still seeing this women beating,crackhead,pill snorting,thief knows way to much about this stolen 44mag....which he also is missing a 22 marlin that he had when he was a kid that his dad bought for him that just passed away.....along with tools and other things that the boy has been taking sense hes lived out here....give that pos a free place to stay,take care of his kid and give them money and look what he does in return.i just dont understand dumb people...why cant there be a law that lets any man or woman kill atleast 1 idiot?sorry for running up all this bandwidth and i know no1 wants to hear or read about all this yacking...but thanks again for all your post

m72law 11-04-2009 09:05 PM

as for his home owners insurance i think he said hes got a 500.00 dollar deductible...:( hes thinking about a claim,being all the other things that are missing tallied up to around 2k or so....also there is a reward for any info or the whereabouts of this gun.thanks again

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