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AZL 04-10-2012 04:15 PM

Stay AWAY from the Sig Mosquito!
I bought my daughter a "Raspberry" Sig-Sauer Mosquito for her 8th birthday.

It was the one she picked out...I was steering her toward a Browning BuckMark, or a Ruger MkIII.

Anyway....the day came, we took it out to the range on the back 40 acres of my home, and with 6 different types of .22lr ammo....the pistol would NOT fire through one magazine without multiple failures. FTF, FTE, FT-Fire....the whole gamut of stoppages and failures.

This was with EVERY type of ammo. I cleaned it repeatedly. I made sure it was properly (not overly) lubricated.

I was not terribly concerned at first, figuring that it would take a hundred or so rounds to break in....but after well over 250 only got worse.

I contacted Sig...and got a big bunch of BS about "Sig **** horse **** horse ****...."

So....I took it back to the shop where I purchased it (new), and the owner who loves me as I have bought literally tens of dozens of firearms from them over the years. She took it back, and swapped me out for a minty 6" Smith & Wesson 622.....which functions PERFECTLY.

So, in speaking with people whop have purchased the Mosquito all say the same thing...IT SUCKS.

HOSSFLY 04-10-2012 04:57 PM

Well, you haven't spoken to me & i owned two :confused:
BOTH ran perfectly with CCI Mini Maqs :cool:
FWIW i relly don't think you should tell everyone to stay away from anything just because you had a bad experience with whatever------You can most certianly express your opinion tho :)

lbwar15 04-10-2012 05:15 PM

There is at lest one bad apple in every bag.

Blade 04-10-2012 05:49 PM


Originally Posted by HOSSFLY
Well, you haven't spoken to me & i owned two :confused:
BOTH ran perfectly with CCI Mini Maqs :cool:
FWIW i relly don't think you should tell everyone to stay away from anything just because you had a bad experience with whatever------You can most certianly express your opinion tho :)

I, like Hossfly have ran CCI Minimags through my wife's "raspberry" Mosquito and 200 rounds later still no issues. She loves the gun as do I. Sorry to hear your experience sucked with yours.

gollygee 04-10-2012 08:45 PM

A bad one can get out, regardless of manufacturer. It's how they take care of it that counts & Sig ignoring your problem is the worst part of your story. Sounds to me like if you buy a Sig & get a good one, as many do, you are okay. If you get a bad one, should have bought a Raven.

JonM 04-10-2012 09:06 PM

Ive got one of the pink ones too while mine runs everything fine its just got an aweful trigger.

They ship with two springs and need to be cleaned before shooting the first time.

The chambers of 22lr guns need to be free of oil grease and debris.

mdemotte 04-10-2012 09:07 PM

AZL.. I have had mine for 3 years now.. I love it! The break-in period was around 500 rounds. CCI mini-mags are pricey for .22s but well worth it. I have a ftf or fte maybe once every 100 rounds.. Well in the norm for a .22 semiauto. Sorry you had such bad luck!

AZL 04-10-2012 10:09 PM

I am glad some of you got good ones. This one was JUNK...and one gun, this bad, with that kind of hestafoit (horse ****) from Sig (whose pistol I carried on duty for several years)will make ne say STAY AWAY. If they would have even made a second rate attempt at customer service, I would have been better about it. 23 years as a cop, 5 of those as a primary, and advanced firearms instructor...I have run just about every type of firearm that ever came up for evaluation...and even so-called "junk" pistols with horrible reputations ran better than this one. IF you could call being a non-working POS "running" at all. It's just really sad when a Mfr like Sig will be that bad at CS and production. So, I stand by it...I will STAY AWAY FROM the Mosquito...or get a can of RAID. I can't wait for Glock to bring out their own darned .22 (which is a dream like the Glock carbine...LOL)

kryptar19 04-10-2012 11:16 PM

Had the same problem with my friends. It would only run if it were dripping wet. I tend to stay away from them, and I here the same from others.

losack 04-11-2012 12:40 AM

I purchased a SIg Mosquito with a threaded barrel and night sights in anticipation of my suppressor which is forthcoming as the NFA crowd checks and rechecks me. Go ahead nothing to hide!

Anyhow, I take my lovely 17 year old daughter with me to the range the previous week she shot my Walther P-22 with several different brands no problems at all a few duds you know .22lr. Well I get a box of Tactical .22 lr and show her the new guns she starts shooting. FTF, FTF, FTE, DBLFD, you name it. So I pick up the pistol. 2 mags no failures, jambs runs perfect. She starts again FTF, FTF, FTE, same same same. So I watch her closely. Her hand was positioned a little low and her thumbs were placed nonchalantly on the sides. I teach hands high, thumbs up on the slide. She grips the gun correctly no problems at all. Great lesson in detail.

My point if the proper grip is used it allows even a finicky pistol every opportunity to run to its full potential. That being said all brands these days produce some lemons. I had a SR-9 I absolutely loved how it felt in my hands but I could not reach an understanding with it for reliability. Traded it, I won't own a gun big or small I don't trust. So it's all choice.

One last point. My mosquito had two sets of springs did you swap out the springs? Just wondering. I am not exclusive to one brand but I have had good success with lesser known brands and been burned by some favorites. To each his own.

Sorry for the dissertation!

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