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vampirespwn 06-11-2012 07:36 AM

Something to replace my PLR16 .
Looking for some input . I just recently sold my Kel-Tech PLR16 . I wasn't happy with its performance . It was too finicky on ammo . Things my DPMS AR would eat the PLR didn't seem to want to cycle correctly . I am looking at a replacement .

Anyone who has some real time experience with any of these I would appreciate their thoughts . In the realm of possibilities are these . A Sig Sauer P556 SWAT , H&K USC 45 , FNH PS90 , FNH FS2000 and a Beretta CX4 Storm . I know there are some kooler guns I'd like , but these are the ones I can reasonably afford .. I can't throw out $3000/$4000 for a weapon ..

I like the H&K best and own a couple H&K pistols , but think perhaps in the long run it would be costlier to have with buying mags and adding a couple picatanny (spelling) rails . I like the Sig P556 , but did see a couple poor reviews on performance . The CX4 Storm I know not much about and have had no experience with Beretta . I like the FNHs and lean more toward the FS2000 (though I have do have plans to buy a Five-seveN so the PS90 is in the ballpark) . The FNHs are the most expensive of the lot of course .

I have a thousand considerations . I want something that I will not question what it will do when I pull the trigger . Again , anyone who has fired any of these , and has some serious experience with , I'd like to hear their thoughts . I don't personally know anyone who has any of the guns I am looking at .
Thanks all , Victor

Argyle_Armoring 06-11-2012 07:41 AM

If it were me, I would get something different than what I already own. I like the FNH bullpups but the ammo for the PS90 is kinda pricey. So if you have a larger budget you can always go the FNH route and stock up on ammo. You need to have an LEO buddy buy a PS90 with their discount then put it up for sale and you can buy it from them. The LEO discount on the PS90 is insane.

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