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Some general questions from a beginner.

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-Taking courses is always a good idea, a bit more knowledge can't hurt and you get to meet other shooters.

-I try to practice a couple of times a week, once a week at the very least. To keep costs down I shoot lots of .22, I don't know the prices in the US but in Argentina a box of 50 .22 rounds costs about $5. You can practice the basics (breathing, trigger control, sight picture) on a .22, and you can afford to practice them a lot. That's why I think it's the best caliber for a first gun, either in a good semiauto (like a Ruger MKIII) or a nice revolver (like a S&W 617).

-For a defensive firearm I think you need at least a 9mm or .38 special. I'm a big fan of revolvers, and would recommend a good .357 magnum revolver with a 4" barrel as an ideal gun for a beginer. You can shoot .38s in it, so it's pretty versatile. The double action takes some mastering, but it's quite satisfying once you get it right. If autoloaders are your thing, there's nothing quite like a nice 1911 (chambered in .45, of course).
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Hope you get some good info here. I would agree that plenty of range time with live ammo is important, but if you're new to handguns, or firearms in general, more important is dry fire and empty weapon practice.

It takes approximately 3,000 repititions to commit a movement to "muscle memory". Assuring you do everything right everytime before putting a live round in the chamber assures you'll do it right then too. For defensive purposes, this is utterly paramount. You don't want to be thinking about your holster or safety at all. When you pick up or draw your handgun, it should feel as natural as putting your hands together. No shifting your grip, changing wrist position etc. I instruct that when you pick up a handgun, pick it up the way you will grip it if firing. Don't place it in your firing hand with your non firing hand, pick it up by the slide, barrel or wherever you please. It has a grip for a reason.

If you're self concious, this may take some getting used to, but practice in front of a mirror. Practice proper stance, proper presentation from a holster, proper grip. I stress proper. Practice does not make perfect. Perfect practice makes perfect.

And there's nothing wrong with a lower priced firearm, but I would strongly urge you to avoid bottom line bargain guns, no offense to Hi Point owners. Stick with a major manufacturer, S&W, Colt, Springfield, Glock, Beretta, CZ, etc. You can find something suitable in a reasonable price range from any of those and a few other manufacturers. I wouldn't purchase a parachute that's dirty, rat chewed and has twisted lines that will *probably* get me by, because it's cheap.

The safety class is an excellent idea. First off, no matter what you think you might know, or what you think you won't learn, you'll find something out that you didn't know. Second, it refelects your commitment to responsibility. Any woodchuck or gang banger can sling lead, but then again that's why some of them shoot road signs, another hunter, or themselves in the a** in a night club... There no such thing as a firearms related accident. If you soot someone you didn't intend to shoot, it's your fault. If someone shoots you and didn't intend to, it's their fault. This is not a matter of opinion. Most states WILL attribute a degree of negligence to a firearms related death, and the trigger puller is held accountable through prosecution. And third, many states require one to obtain a CCW.
Just my opinion of course, good luck.
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