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getem2011 02-09-2012 06:58 PM

Is this site legit?

prices seem great, and I called and spoke with someone. I just need some help digging up some reassuring information before I spend my $$$. So pull out your top hats and pipes and help me find out if this guy is pulling a quick one.


RecklessRegard 02-09-2012 09:32 PM

I just googled it. There are a couple of other forums that have posts saying the proprietor is a jerk and doesn't really care about his customers. But there isn't a ton of info on the company.

Heres the only info I found:

c3shooter 02-09-2012 09:49 PM

I think they are in Littleton, strip shopping center behind the 7-11. (Google Earth is your friend!)

Principal of the business is, I think, Russian gent, Semyon Oshmyansky.

Ran across this on another forum- from 2010

Ok, here's the deal - I saw this new vendor called "Denver guns and ammo" at the last gunshow, met the owner (russian guy, I'm also from russia) we talked about the guns and stuff, i told him that I'm looking for a couple of shotguns and a revolver, he said he's got a new store front in Littleton so I decided to check it up...
Anyway, me and my friend went to that store. He wanted Beretta 92 and I was going to buy a couple of shotguns.
To make the story short - there were two guys in that store the owner and his helper (don't remember his name) so this helper helped us to choose the guns and with the paperwork. They had to order the guns because they didn't have them in stock so he asked for a 20% deposit, we said ok and gave him a credit card.he came back, apologized, and said they're having problem with their credit card machine so he's not able to process it.
So I asked the owner (he was helping other customer) "could you process the card via phone?" (i said this in Russian)
him: "they don't work today"
My friend: "hm, I think they work 24/7..." And start reaching for a cash.
We didn't even know what to say! I looked at the helper (American guy) poor guy, his face was like "wtf? Why is he yelling at you guys?" We told him that we're not buying anything at there store and left. The guy was looking at his boss like "wtf? $1300 just walk out of that door!"

I'll NEVER shop there again!

Even though it's very difficult for me to write in English I wanted you guys to know about my experience with this store.

Maybe he just has someone piddle on his Post Toasties, and that WAS from 2 years ago. Does appear to be a legit small storefront.

BlueTurf 02-10-2012 01:28 AM

I look at a lot of gun and ammo web sites. I checked out this particular site and their prices do not look competitive, not even close. I would not order anything from this place. There are other companies I am familiar with that have much better prices.

bstone2 02-10-2012 11:36 PM

I would be a little nicer to my clients if I knew they were soon to be armed and angry with me!

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