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Silenced Handgun

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Damn JD, ya gave out all that free candy and yet no thank you or "trick or treat" at the new members Introductions thread. And it was the good candy too!! Silenced Handgun - General Handgun Discussion




"There is no hunting like the hunting of man, and those who have hunted armed men long enough and liked it, never care for anything else thereafter." - Hemingway

“The greatest ignorance is to reject something you know nothing about.”
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Default Suppressed Buckmark

Here's my Buckmark Camper, TacSol 4.5" barrel, AAC Aviator silencer shooting CCI subsonic .22 LR.

Silenced Handgun - General Handgun Discussion

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Originally Posted by dillinger View Post
okay, you have had all the slings and arrows, here is some info you can work from.

There is no such thing as a "silencer" like you see in the movies. There is no thread on black can that takes your thunder magnum and turns it into a careless whisper.

Forget that idea all together.

The term, is a "suppressor", because you are suppressing the round to below the speed of sound and suppressing the hot gas that is leaving the barrel.

The way a suppressor works is in conjunction with a sub-sonic round of ammunition. You don't want the bullet to ever reach the speed of sound ( about 1100 feet per second ) because them it will create that telltale "crack!" that you hear.

However, that is only part of the problem, because the super heated gas that comes from the gunpowder also needs to be cooled before it is allowed out to mix with the room temperature air. That is where the supressor comes in.

Basically, what you are doing, is adding a bunch of branches off the barrel for the gas to roam around in, cool down, and flow out the barrel slower and cooler than normal.

Think about a long hotel hallway. You have a hallway with 20 doors on each side, the rooms, and there is a window at one end and an elevator at the other.

The elevator shaft is like the magazine feeding a bullet up into the chamber - which is you in the elevator.

Now, imagine the second the doors open, the full force of a hurricane is set off behind you and propels you down the hallway with all it's might.

That would be what it's like with a bullet in a barrel ( minus the rifling of course ).

Now, take that same scenario and open all the doors in the hallway.

As you are thrust from the elevator, the pressure behind you subsides as you pass each room, because the gale force wind is also swirling around in each hotel room, so the overall force behind you is lessened.

This is what is happening with a suppressor - there are chambers that divert the gas, drawing pressure away from the bullet, lessening it's speed, and allowing the gas to cool before it finds it's way out the bore.

A "silenced" handgun of any caliber size, is still going to make racket when you fire it. But, it's a question of "disguising" the sound to make people think it's something else.

For instance, i happen to know that a single shot, from a sub-sonic .556 round, from a suppressed ar, sounds pretty damn close to the sound of a guy using an electric nail gun to build a fence.

It's acoustic camoflauge - not the ability to hide like a ninja.

Originally Posted by notdku View Post
maybe instead of kill the people he could bore them into a coma with yet another mercenary novel.
Or an explanation of a "Can" - Just Sayin'
Seriously, some good info JD.
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Thanks everyone for your help i really appreciate it.

To he who commented about my spelling – that’s why they have spell check! but I'll take it under advisement.

And what I do in my time is up to me and your comments about "YET ANOTHER MERCENARY BOOK" although defiantly valid are not warranted. I asked for help on a specific problem from the people who know about these things and all I get in return from a most of you is a pile of abuse. So sorry but no introduction I am done with this forum
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