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shooting right handed while aiming with left eye...

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I don't know how I missed this topic We were actually talking about this in the chat today.. I have become left eye dominate and didn't even realize til recently. I was shooting and realized I was using my left eye with hand gun and right with rifle. I tried yesterday and shot way better if I used my right eye which has become weaker as I've gotten older. I'm not horrible with the left but I do shoot alot better with my right
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I am right handed, but I have a scar on my retina in my right eye and cannot see much as far as shooting/aiming with it. I have been this way as long as I can remember. I learned to shoot long guns using my left side and never had a problem. I shoot my handgun using my right hand, but use my left eye to sight with, no problems at all doing this.
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As a lot of you know, I'm pretty new to shooting, and just now getting into it. I use my right eye for everything up close (reading). After reading a lot of articles slanted towards beginning shooters, I saw some tricks for testing your eye dominance - and it looks like I'm left eye dominant, for just about everything, according to these "tricks."

My hand-dominance is confusing as heck. I've been shooting three times so far, and my main hand has been my right hand, with my left hand as support. That's just how I naturally picked it up. However, I write with my left hand, swing a gold club with my left hand, hold a hockey stick, baseball bat, etc. with my left hand... but I throw with my right hand. A funny one is ping-pong... I seriously don't know which hand I use. It's been a year or two since I've played, but I remember that for the first 4 or 5 years that I ever played ping-pong, I used one hand. I randomly switched one day after 4 or 5 years, and the hand I switched to was much better! How I didn't know this, is beyond me, but it's kind of funny.

So now, I'm wondering - since I naturally picked up the guns with my right hand, should I continue doing that, even though I'm left eye dominant? Or, since I'm SO new to everything, should I work on my left hand and work that up as my main shooting hand?

I'm thinking it might not be a bad idea to practice equally with both, but I'm torn. It worries me that I'd end up shooting maybe 8/10 with BOTH left and right hands if I try both... instead of 9/10 (or 10/10 if I'm lucky!) if I just "master" one hand. What are your thoughts? I can see where shooting with either hand would be useful, but I can also see where it might be better to be a "master" with one hand, rather than an "expert" with two.

Or, is this whole eye-dominance thing not really that big of a deal, and something I shouldn't worry about?
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I'd suggest practicing both ways for a while, and you may find that one hand will become dominant.
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i hate to say it but they are right about switching to lefty. also being a PMI in the Marines its about the only advice i could offer. i can tell you from personal and shared experience that moving to your "weak side" becomes easier the more you do it. I swear, telling a right handed person to shoot left (or vice versa) is like asking to cut off a leg, but if your left eye dominant your half way there as it is. try and do daily things with your left to get the mental mapping started. the worst that could happen is that you get ambidextrous.
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I can't say which way is better but I shoot with a guy who is left handed but aims with his right eye. In other words, he's right eye dominant. He's as good a shooter as I am, which is fair. I can't do anything left handed, anything. I can't imagine having to use my left hand for shooting. I think, in the case that I damaged my right eye, I would just keep both eyes open and point as good as possible. When I taught my wife to shoot we discoverd that she, though right handed is left eye dominant. She couldn't hit anything. So, I told her to keep both eyes open and learn to point with the front sight. Now, she can put all six from her .38 in the vital zone at ten yards. Before, she couldnt hit the target. With practice she could do better. I think this is the best alternative. IMO
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