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Megaton 03-11-2009 08:07 PM

Shooting 7-9 o'clock, how to fix?
I consistently shoot between 7 and 9 o'clock with all my handguns. The heavier the round, the worse it gets. With my mk111 it is hardly noticable however with the springfield armory 1911 I just got its so bad sometimes I am missing a notebook size sheet of paper from 30 feet. According to a target I found from this site I am using 'to little trigger finger' and or 'tightening fingers' and possibly even 'jerking/slapping the trigger'.

With my glock 19 (which I have the most experience shooting) I generally shoot about 3 inches left of bullseye at 30 feet. However with the 1911 I just got we're talking 4-6 inches left and 3-4 inches low. Some of that I attribute to stepping up the caliber and a new style of gun. But its become prevelant that this is a reocurring problem that I am experiencing with ALL my handguns.

Any help as to how I can get this corrected would be greatly appreciated.

SGT-MILLER 03-11-2009 08:15 PM

You might be anticipating recoil.

Here's a little exercise to try (get some snaps caps, and this involves dry firing).

Take your pistol and establish a correct, two-hand hold. Find an aiming point and concentrate on your front sight while you aim. While doing this, gently squeeze the trigger all the way to the rear. You should only be using the front pad of your trigger finger.

If you do this right, the hammer will drop and surprise you a little bit. You will also notice that the front sight will not have moved.

Once you are comfortable with this, you need to do the same thing at the range. Do not worry about speed. Concentrate on getting an even trigger squeeze all the way to the rear while focusing on that front sight. The gun should surprise you every time it goes off.

If you practice this, you will get tighter groups. If you are getting really tight groups, and they are in the same place every single time, you can then worry about maybe adjusting your sights to the point of aim. Be aware that different types of ammo can create slightly different strike points on the target.

I hope this helps you at least a little bit.

matt g 03-11-2009 08:16 PM

You're flinching. Practice dry firing, or get a .22 LR conversion slide.

Do you have any problems with feeding or extracting from the 1911?

Megaton 03-11-2009 08:31 PM

Thank you for the quick replies gentlemen. :D

I am pretty sure that I am flinching, which would also explain why it gets worse the bigger the gun I shoot. Ill have to work on what you suggested SGT-MILLER and see if that helps.

Haven't had any problems with the 1911. Got it yesterday, put 50 rounds of cheap pmc brass through it yesterday, and another 100 rounds of WWB today, not a single problem of any kind with the exception of not being able to shoot it worth a damn. :o

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