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AR10 04-25-2013 07:30 AM

This is my first NRA instructor class. Part of the class is putting 20 rounds in a 9" circle from 45'.

I think the class will be challenging and I am looking forward to it.

Sunday will be a second class, instructors home defence.

9" at 45' is a long ways away. I have been practicing and do it sometimes, sometimes not. I seem to average 18 in, 2 out. Eyes are getting older. Lol

Any advice? Do these guys take bribes? I could bring him a chocolate cake, which would seem odd for a class that starts at 7am. (Just kidding, I would eat the cake, and really shoot bad)

TekGreg 04-25-2013 11:04 AM

AR10, you can always find someone that has a price! However, the standards are there for a reason, so lets examine other possibilities.

Are you shooting the most accurate firearm you own? Admittedly, a .22 rifle with 4X scope is not allowed, but there may be a caliber or model change of pistol that you haven't tried.

Also, if recoil is affecting accuracy, a change to subsonic ammo may cause slightly better accuracy due to reduced felt recoil. A few more bucks for match grade ammo may also tighten the group.

Are you putting yourself under an undue time constraint? Slow down and make sure to fully control each shot. Remember the old axiom that works for many shooting problems: Slow is smooth, smooth is fast.

Secondly, evaluate your loose groups on these targets:

Choose the correct handedness (left or right) and determine what you are doing wrong. Very rarely are groups all over the target and usually "string" in a certain direction, indicating a bad habit in the shooter. If you check your ego at the door, a fix is often easy to determine. However, if the rounds are truly all over the map, then it may be that the gun needs to be accurized. A match barrel, polishing and chamfering the bore and a trigger job should prove an improvement in the firearm. Match barrels are around $200 and up, but all of the rest can be had for a hundred dollar bill.

Finally, if it is just old eyes, consider new optics. A change of sights to bigger and brighter, a laser or even a reflex site can be added to make your "old eyes" function like new. My first thought is a Crimson Trace sighted to 45'. As long as the light is on the plate, the round it too! Veridian is also an excellent unit. If you don't want to go high-tech, many find XS Big Dot sights very helpful. Check this site to see what they look like: dgun

I hope that helps and good luck to ya!

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