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chillywilly 09-24-2011 09:49 PM

Ruger LC9
Hey everyone, I was wondering about other members experience w/this gun.I have had faliures to feed w/standard target rnds such as remington umc 115 gr fmj.I read that small 9mms have problems w/ lighter ammo.I also heard from guys @ my local range that the LC9 has failure to fire w/sd hollowpoint rounds.the main reason for buying the weapon is as point in firing fmj 9mm rounds for sd I own a S&W 642 as my "always" weapon,I love it,It is always "5 for sure" but I was looking for more power + capacity. any opinions/experence/suggested would be helpful.thanks-be safe and keep up the good fight

FCross7 09-25-2011 12:33 AM

A lot of the really small guns, LC9 included, will FTF when they are limp wristed. My cousin has a Kel-Tec PF9, which is roughly the same size as the LC9, and it is very easy to limp wrist.

Has any one other than you shot the gun, if so, did they have similar issues? If no one else has shot it, next time you go to the range, explain the situation to the range officer and ask them to shoot it and see if they have similar issues.

For me, that's the first step I would take before looking at the ammo.


Tackleberry1 09-25-2011 12:54 AM

Your owners manual should give recommended bullet weights.

Many of sub compact 9mm's do require heaver loads and some of them recommend premium ammo so a malfunction with inexpensive target loads in 115 grain does not surprise me.

Try it with good ammo in heavier loadings. This should correct the problem.


brancher 09-25-2011 01:22 AM

I shot one today along with three other 9's. While I didn't have any FTE or FTF's, I absolutely hated the trigger pull. Longer than DA in my opinion. Also foung that with that long pull, my hand is too big for this gun.

Only put 5 rnds thru before I cried 'uncle'.

True story.

Yetiman 09-25-2011 03:45 AM

I have had my LC9 a few weeks now and have only 200-250 rounds through it, but it has been flawless so far. I think it is one of my favorite guns to shoot in spite of the long trigger pull and it has been surprisingly accurate.

I have been putting Federal Premium hardball and Federal Hydra-Shok through it so far.

I have many 1911's, and my favorite pistol to shoot (fun factor) has been a highly modified Colt Officers model. The LC9 has a very similar 'grin factor' for me.

I have also found I prefer to shoot the LC9 with the flat magazine floor plate vs the finger extention.

JTJ 09-25-2011 04:18 AM


Originally Posted by brancher (Post 586189)
I shot one today along with three other 9's. While I didn't have any FTE or FTF's, I absolutely hated the trigger pull. Longer than DA in my opinion. Also foung that with that long pull, my hand is too big for this gun.

Only put 5 rnds thru before I cried 'uncle'.

True story.

I have small hands and I had trouble with the grip on my PF9. I traded it for a P11. Trigger is worse but the grip is better and easier to control. The LC9 feels better than the PF9 but still feels small and awkward.
My P3AT was beating my trigger finger to death. Not a fun gun to shoot. I traded it in on a Sig 238 which is a dream to shoot. Much better trigger, sights and easy to control.

chillywilly 09-25-2011 02:36 PM

LC9 issues
Thanks for all the that I think of it,It maybe a combo of cheap ammo,and I was shooting from a supported bench rest.but w/ the super long trigger pull,and wondering if the the weapon would even fire,might have possibly been limp wristing it.I recently had back surgeory and only have been shooting off a bench.I will try firing offhand w/better ammo.thanks again - Bill

g17frantz 09-25-2011 09:01 PM

Axe the remington umc rounds. I've had nothing but problems shooting those out of all my handguns. The Winchester white box I've had extremely good luck with along with the steel case tulammo you get at Walmart. I've put over 500 through my lc9 and no hiccups at all. Good little gun, just something you don't wanna shoot all day

rshields08 12-03-2012 06:52 PM

Mine works FINE
I've owned an LC9 for about 2 months now and I've put about 300 rounds through it and no malfunctions at all!!! Mostly I've used Winchester white box and have shot 124gr Speer Gold Dots and 115gr Hornady Critical Defense through it also. I think 2 things are true about these guns as far as malfunctions go. 1 some seem to need a break in period. I've heard the same of Kahr's and Kel-tec's also. Usually in the range of 200 rounds or so. 2. I think some ppl just get lucky and get that gun where all the parts are matching as far as tolerances go so no break in is needed. After reading tons of reviews on all 3 pistols in the 9mm and 380 offering it seems to be a consistent theme. Just something to think about, don't give up on it, its a great gun and you can mod the trigger if you absolutely hate it. I did and it made a WORLD of difference!!!

Grapevinebill 12-03-2012 07:13 PM

I have owned an LC9, S&W Shield and a Beretta Nano. All three small 9mm's are good guns and I have settled on the Beretta for several reasons. I did not keep the LC9 for 2 reasons. As stated before I hated the trigger. Much too heavy and long for me. I also experienced light strikes and failure to fires all too often. I sent the gun back to Ruger and they replaced the firing pin and it seemed to be ok after that. Still I did not lik erthe trigger so I moved on. The S&W Shield was a very good gun and the opnly problem I had with it is that it consistantly shot to the left. It was accurate and had tight groupings but I was always to the left onmy POA. The Berettta is accurate and no issues.

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