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armsmaster270 08-11-2011 05:40 AM

Remember When?

robocop10mm 08-11-2011 10:32 AM

I kick myself for not buying the brand new Maremont M-60 machinegun in 1983

For $3000

That would be worth about $20,000 now after shooting the heck out of it for 28 years.

winds-of-change 08-11-2011 10:41 AM

I want a Colt Detective Special. :o

armsmaster270 08-11-2011 11:47 PM

Got one, it was my dads. But I am still kicking myself for selling my Trooper Mk III SN j 2880

HOSSFLY 08-11-2011 11:49 PM

Sadly I do remember :(
Hell, I remember wen you cud buy surplus M1 & M1 Carbines for well under $100 :eek: (No background check either) :D

Dennis845 08-12-2011 12:08 AM

I remember going out and collecting at least 13 soda bottles (2 cents each deposit), so I could go to Western Auto to buy a .25 cent box of .22's. Grandpa got me a new .22 for my 12th birthday. I still have a few boxes of 12 ga. paper shells I bought. I wonder if they will still fire?

armsmaster270 08-12-2011 12:22 AM

I would bet they would fire mine still do.

Gojubrian 08-12-2011 10:22 AM


Originally Posted by winds-of-change
I want a Colt Detective Special. :o

There's one for sale on my local gun forum.

winds-of-change 08-12-2011 10:34 AM


Originally Posted by Gojubrian (Post 561314)
There's one for sale on my local gun forum.

Thanks. But my wants far exceed my finances. I want an LCR, a Colt Detective Special, a Security Six, an get the idea. I just bought a Mark II and I have no extra money for guns right now.

My next project is some repairs and maintenance on my car. Do I know how to have fun or what?

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