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Recommendation for a one handed shooter.

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I agree with the LCR in .357 as it gives you a little flexibility in ammo. My aunt went with one because she didn't have the strength in her hand to rack the slide on anything she picked up, but she shoots the LCR well.

A 9mm can be reloaded in the holster one handed with a ton of practice. Then all you will need is a handle mounted to the slide to chamber a round or release the slide or use the rear sights.
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Originally Posted by 4tsmith View Post
To make suggestions it is important to first understand the problem.For example is the disabled limb partially functional,weak or missing.All those simple factors affect the choice or range of handguns available.I've helped about two dozen people overcome in some cases very severe disabilities to learn or return to handgun shooting.Ask anyone who has simply been left handed all their life how easy it is to find the perfect handgun,some are about to leave the mortal coil and they're still looking.Example:Say you are right handed with a partially ambulatory left limb-you can manipulate almost any hammer fired semi-auto with a prominent rear sight.A left handed shooter will however need a true ambidextrous gun and almost certainly one with second strike capability.A revolver?;for most NO.At best ejecting and reloading is a practiced two handed dance,now try an injured one hand drill,now with the off hand,now try it during a gun fight.To solve the problems you must first ask the right questions.
It's a little difficult to describe, but, imagine having no independent control in your left hand, AND, whatever your right hand does, the left will, loosely, mimic, but you can NOT control your left hand independently, just imagine your left hand dead. That's why she favors revolvers rather than semi-auto's, try loading a 17 round magazine with one hand (I'll admit, can probably be done, slowly and probably painfully without the aid of a speed loader), or racking the slide of my SR9C in a stressful situation. She wants to be able to pick up and fire, dis-assemble and clean, and the ability to re-load without any assistance from anyone. I think she'll like the Ruger LCR .357, next time we're out at the range I'll have her rent one.
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Originally Posted by PositronDave View Post
Hello everyone. My wife has been getting into target shooting recently, and she asked me about getting a CCW permit this morning. I have one, and would like her to get one as well.

She has a disability which limits her to using one hand, she can shoot my semi-auto just fine, good grip and stance, handles the recoil fine, and is a good shot, but using only one hand she can't load a magazine or rack the slide of a pistol, so I was thinking the best bet would be a revolver, seems easier to re-load one handed. I also want to get her into a training class, which I can do at my local range.

She wouldn't want anything bigger than a 9mm, (this would be for concealed carry, not target or plinking), any suggestions?
While one handed manipulation of an autoloader is slower than two hands it is not only possible but is a taught technique for "Officer Down" drills. You may be down but you're not out until you're dead.

I demonstrated one of these techniques by unloading a handgun, all 16 rounds out the Ejection Port, racking the slide with one hand. I then loaded the same gun and worked the slide, again one handed, from a slide fully forward position to load it for daily carry.

Your wife doesn't have to "settle" for a resolver if that's not what she wants. She just needs proper instruction on how to overcome and adapt the gun to her situation. As for loading magazines with loose bullets, that's what she has you for. Feel free to PM if you want more info.

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Please let me make a suggestion from clear out in left field.
Before you go any farther,Google a site called Cornered Cat.(sorry I haven't learned to post links) This site is by women,for women and about women and firearms.
The gals on this site are very sharp,and when they discover your wife's desire to defend herself in spite of her limitations,they will move heaven and earth to help her find solutions. It is very likely that they can guide her to a qualified instructor in your area that can guide her through injured shooter style drills to adapt to the problems.
Tell her to read the introduction FIRST and then browse the site.Prepare yourself;when she starts on the site you may not be able to peel her away from it for days. I highly recommend this website to anyone who wants to bring their wife, daughter or for that matter any woman into the world of shooting,and in your case it may be life changing.She will be welcomed by everything from certified instructors to military,LEO's and just about everything else in between.Regardless of gender this site will inform and likely answer some serious questions.
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