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JosephMD 02-01-2013 02:12 PM

Pistol Cartridge Standardization
A tangent from one of my rifle threads, where I want to stick with 3 rifle cartridges.

I currently have pistols in 9mm, .45acp, and .357 (.38SP +P). My future plans are to add a .22LR pistol, and a rifle/carbine for one of my pistol cartridges. The .22LR pistol will be used for a lot of shooting and training, mostly for the children to learn the basics and get comfortable.

I would like to drop one of the handgun cartridges I currently use, but then again, I'm trying to talk myself out of it. I rarely shot the .357, but that is my bear repellent. I do prefer the .45 over the 9mm but I'm not the only shooter in my household and the .45 is a little too much for others. The 9mm seems to be the best all around.

I'm totally overthinking this ;)


95sniper 02-01-2013 02:57 PM

I would say that what you have listed is fine, I know allot of people with too many different calibers. I like sticking with 4 or 5 just so I can focus on finding ammo for them.

95sniper 02-01-2013 02:58 PM

Only thing I can think is if you get a 9mm or .45 revolver.

jjfuller1 02-01-2013 03:16 PM

get rid of the .357 and get a ruger convertible revolver. it shoots 9mm/38sp/.357. also add the .22 pistol and rifle. .22 ammo is the cheapest to play with. if the need arises sell the 45(unless its a 1911) :)

Sniper03 02-01-2013 03:25 PM


I am not going to be much help when dropping a caliber. I would say do not! Every Time I have done that in the past I have regretted it! The 357 with the versatility of shooting 38 SPC. And even less expensive wad cutters which would be a good round also for them to learn to shoot later on. Not to mention I assume your 9mm is a semi-auto pistol while your 357 is a revolver. So what I am saying they would be learning more about various weapons. Regarding the 22 issue. I would suggest a good quality semi-auto pistol like one of the Ruger 22 Pistols or for example the Browning Buckmark. There are other good 22 target type pistols. Why target type? So they gain confidence being able to hit what they are shooting at. As far as a 22 Rifle I would suggest a Ruger 10-22 as a great rifle for children. But I would start them off using the iron sights then graduate them to a 1" Tube Scope in the future. I said 1" because they let a lot more light in. Have a clearer view and easier to sight through.




locutus 02-01-2013 03:32 PM

If you have 5.56X45, 9MM NATO and .22 LR, you're good to go.
If shotguns are appropriate in your circumstances, a good 20 ga. gas operated semi-auto is effective, and can be easily handled by any family member.

Those are effective, inexpensive and available anywhere in the world.

If you need bear protection, professional grade pepper spray is more effective than any handgun.

JosephMD 02-04-2013 02:10 PM

Yeah, I think I was over thinking it. With both rifles and pistols I want to maximize my ammunition purchases, getting the most for my money and having the most versatility. On the rifle side, for example, I'd rather get a bolt gun chambered for .223 Remington, a cartridge that I also use in my semi-automatic rifle than get another mid range center fire like a 22-250 or .270. Three rifle cartridges 22LR, 223, & 308 seems to round it out pretty well.

I suppose having 3 pistol cartridges isn't over doing it. Just like you can't leave the 9/16 wrench out of the toolbox, you want to keep the firearms that do the job you want it to do. Sure, I could live without the .45 or the .357, but I don't want to. I suppose that is what counts. So, after thinking about it for a while and considering the input from this forum, I think I'll keep them all.

That Ruger convertible sounds interesting, but I doubt I'd replace the current revolver with a single action. It would be pretty far down on the priority list but I could see a place for it in the safe.


locutus 02-04-2013 03:28 PM


Originally Posted by JosephMD (Post 1123463)
Yeah, I think I was over thinking it. With both rifles and pistols I want to maximize my ammunition purchases, getting the most for my money


Wise decision, IMHO. If you have a good stock of .22 LR, .223 and 9MM you'll have it covered, even if you have smaller stocks of the other calibers.

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