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Which pistol caliber is best for home defense in an urban enviroment?

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Originally Posted by glockcj View Post
I use Air Marshal loads made by federal. 9 mm 90gr they open up on contact and all the energy is with in the first 2in. If you miss and hit drywall they break up. $26 for 20 Good luck!
You;re suggesting frangibles? The ONLY reasons Air Marshals use frangibles is because of tight quarters with the risk of thru and thrus, and a thin aluminum skin at FL350. Inside a house, at sea level, I would prefer wadcutters.
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Originally Posted by sweeper22


And yes for 12ga. And 38sp, 357mag, 44mag, 357sig, and even 10mm.

Each has its own advantages, and each advantage is relative to the individual expectations and needs of the shooter/consumer in question. There is generally no wrong answer here. But there may be better fits for you.

I prefer 9mm and 45acp. Both are quick handling rounds because in trained hands the muzzle tends to stay on target for faster follow-up shots. 45acp is a heavy round that tends to get the job done in short order, while 9mm offers both greater capacity and a more affordable training budget. There are advantages to each.

40sw/10mm/357sig- I believe in the quality of all of these calibers and own each. 40sw is sort of a 9mm/45acp compromise, in terms of affordability, weight, and capacity. But it does not handle as quickly as either. 357sig and 10mm are both excellent rounds, but like 40sw, they're not as (successfully) quick as 9mm or 45acp for me. Personally, I like 357/10mm as woods guns. And 40sw is a fine general defense round. Any of these will likely get the job done every bit as well 45acp...but the 45acp will be quicker and more controllable on follow-up shots, in my experience. And that matters to me.

38sp/357mag/44mag- Are all fine choices. I'm good with any of them in a controlled, single action situation. But not so much in DA, so I personally don't depend on them. But with proper preparation, these are all viable options as well.

In other words: There are plenty of good options. Figure out your own needs (and anyone else who may have to depend on this gun) as a shooter, and make an informed decision.
Good advice here for pistols. Nothing is perfect: budget is a consideration pick your poison and train, train , train.
May the Force be with you.
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Originally Posted by kiabe1 View Post
In my experience its more about shot placement in an urban environment. As well as finding the natural choke points in your house, a little tactical awareness goes a long way for instance from my bedroom door there is a long narrow hallway leading to a living room where the outer wall is brick. So the assailant is naturally squeezed into a toght spot where my shots are less likely to miss and if they do they are stopped on the wall.
This goes without saying! If you do not put your ordnance on target it is ineffective in neutralizing the threat!
So, as I and others have posted MANY times:
1. Use the PPD which you can shot well (accurately). The one who gets there 'first with the most' will probably prevail.
2. The 'caliber' is not really important in today world, as it has been shown if you use the BEST defense ammo available the terminal effect of the 9, 357, 40,10,45 are the same.
3. Long guns are best utilized in a 'fixed' position for home defense. Unless you are extensively trained, going out 'looking' for the bandit inside a building with a long gun is ill advised!
An armed society is not always a polite society, but it is a free and safe society!
Self Defense is an absolute and natural right!
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