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Picking a gun. Help/suggestions.

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I personally think that several good choices have been advanced with springfields, glocks, smith m+p, etc.

As you explore the world of firearms, you will come to the day that a 1911 will and must be in your collection, its just the lifestyle. Rather than debate it, i just keep expanding my collection(which has spanned almost 20years of trying new and different types). I have and will always love my colts. Having said that, i do own and carry different types of polymer pistols, because I like varity. The key point in that is I LIKE. everyone is different. Some are purists and will say that there is nothing better than this ___________ pistol. Thats their view and nothing is wrong with that.

Sgt. Miller on here swears by Hi Point pistols. Is that all he has, not by a long shot( no pun intended).

Some will say that what price tag can you put on your life? Most of us operate with a budget.
I think all here wish that wasn't true and we all could have all the toys we want, I know I wish I could have every weapon I want regardless of cost. Reality is a different story.

The suggestions made here are all sound choices for the limitations you have given, but the next step is for you to find what fits you and your budget. Whether it is a 9mm, 40s+w, or 45acp, all are great calibers in their own respect.
Cost for ammo to feed whatever you choose is also something to think about. 9mm is usually less than 40, with 45acp being at the top of the pile in cost.

At the end of the day, you want a good quality weapon that you can control and fits not only your budget, but you.

With whatever you choose, practice, practice,practice with the weapon.

Stay safe,

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You can get a 1911 for under 600 bucks. There are some cheaper ones, but you can find a Taurus PT1911 in 38 Super for $510, or a Taurus PT1911 in 45 for $540 on

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Originally Posted by Day V View Post
Ok, I've VERY new into guns. 3 of my best friends have recently bought guns, a couple shotguns, and a couple handguns. Today I went shooting with them, shot a 1911, and a Glock 23. I liked both of them, and I'm thinking on Black Friday I'm going to a gun store and buying a gun. I'm not going to spend a lot of money, so the 1911 is out of the question, plus I liked the Glock better anyway. So after shooting, we went to Scheels and looked at guns. And I'm leaning towards the Glock 21, I kinda want a .45, but a .40 is fine. And I've also been looking at a Kahr CW40. So basically I just want some input on those guns, maybe other guns that are similar and in the same price range. I'd be using this gun for home protection mostly I guess, and just to shoot and have fun. And then of course I gotta be prepared for the zombie apocalypse

And I'm really loving guns right now. And I could definitely see myself becoming somewhat of a collector, will probably buy a rifle or shotgun in the somewhat near future as well.

Thanks for any help I get.
Day V,

I too have been going thru what you are. In my opinion it's all about feeling as though you have control over the gun in your hand. If you don't have that feel you'll never use it. Secondly, in my opinion are the aesthetics of the gun. If it's butt ugly you'll never take her on date. Third, if this will be a carry gun then you have to find a holster that will allow the gun to feel comfortable. Fourth could be availability of ammo at a reasonable price. Fifth would be how quickly the gun will stop an aggressor.

This is the process I went thru:
1. A friend from Indiana gave me a S&W .38 Special Revolver with a 6" barrell. I quickly discovered that revolvers with 6" barrells are not carry guns.
2. Went to Gander Mountain, sold it to them and bought a S&W Sigma SW9VE 9mm. My net cost was $60. I quickly discovered that the Sigma has a serious trigger drag. I've sent it to them for repair and I hope it helps.
3. I bought a NIB Walther PPK/S .380 but quickly decided it wasn't enough gun.
4. About 2 weeks ago I bought a Kimber 1911 Pro Crimson Carry II .45. This is the gun I wish I had purchased day 1.

Comment: I don't see the reason for people to buy multiples of the same caliber handgun. I hope someone can explain it.

Good Luck

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I would suggest shooting some more before you actually buy a gun. Initial reactions to guns are just that, initial. Especially as a new shooter you probably had a lot of excitement and your mind was probably racing. Its just like test driving a car. The first time you always like driving a new car. But it isn't until later that you notice that annoying rattle, or the odd shift points of the transmission, or the awkward seat adjustments, etc.

Go back to the range and shoot your buddies' guns again. Make a list of the things you liked and disliked about the different guns and decide whether each of those pluses and minuses are deal makers/deal breakers for you. Do you really want to spend hundreds of dollars on something based on an emotional reaction? You may arrive at the same conclusion but at least you won't be asking yourself what if afterwords?
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Ok, so I have gone shooting 3 times now. There was a gun show this weekend close to my house so me and a few friends went. And I held a LOT of different guns. The gun that felt best in my hand was any of the mid size Glocks. 2 other guns felt great in my hand, too. The P22, and a 9mm Kahr, I didn't look at it too much though, so I'm not even sure which one it was. I'll have to look into that. I liked the feel of the P22 but I won't be buying it. I'm pretty sure I'm gonna go with a Glock, I just am not sure which one yet.

Anyway, my friend bought a Ruger LCP .380. After the gun show we went shooting. I actually did pay attention to little things with the guns, I do like the Kimber 1911s trigger, but that is not enough for me to want to buy it. That gun definitely is growing on me though. I hate the trigger on the Ruger, the pull is way too long for me, and I wasn't accurate with it at all.

But at this point, I'm thinking that I might start off with a rifle first, just because I don't think my check will be huge this time, and I actually have a bunch of **** I need to pay for also, so a hand gun would be all of my money, if I even have enough. And Gander Mountain has a rifle that I've been looking at for really cheap.

Thank you all for your input, I'm actually thinking I might go with a 9mm now because of all of you guys saying the prices of ammo, I never really put too much thought into that, and I just kinda realized that ammo costs more than I thought haha. So chances are I'm getting 9mm or .40.

And holy ****, after being at that gun show, it was frustrating, really. I want ALL of those guns, I wish I would have gotten into guns so long ago. It was just so crazy to hold the M-16s and Uzis, even got to hold a .50 caliber sniper, that was nuts.
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A couple of pistols not mentioned here that are great quality for a lot less money, Bersa Thunder and Stoeger Cougar. Both are right around $400. A friend bought a Thunder in 40 S&W and I bought a Cougar in 40 S&W. I also have a XDm in 40 S&W, however I enjoy shooting the Cougar the most then Bersa, mainly because of the long trigger pull on the XDm. Perhaps after a lot of rounds fired through the XDm I might come to like it better. With a 3.6" barrel the Cougar is easier to conceil so it has become my CCW. In a nasty fire fight the XDm would be great due to 16 +1 round capacity. 40 S&W caliber was my choice due to availability around where I live, when 9mm and 45 ACP weren't on the shelves there always seemed to be plenty of 40 S&W ammo.
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The glock is a great choice I think. I LOVE mine. It is truely a great firearm. I would second a 9mm. I dont know if its just me but a good percentage of all the handguns that (especially glocks) have problems seem to just happen to be .40's. Its also a bit more expensive and more recoil. The 9mm is easier to put 2 or more shots quickly into a target accuratly. A 9mm also has plenty of power for defence. The 9mm is also a tad more accurate. I would def. say go with the 9mm.
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What about ruger p95 or the hi-point c9 not pricey at all and good shooter to boot.
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if you're pretty much using it for home defense and target shooting (which I'm assuming you will be doing again with your friends), I would either go with the full size .45 caliber full size Glock 21, the .40 cal compact Glock 23, or the .45 cal sub-compact Glock 30 (which seems more like a compact than a sub-compact to me).
The Glock 21 or 23 would be the best if you were just going to use it for home defense and target shooting. You get plenty of rounds in the mag if you go with either of them.
If you ever plan on getting a carry permit, just go with the Glock 30. It only has a 10 round mag, but its .45 cal, which will get the job done. It will be able to be hidden on you way easier than some of the bigger glocks.

**I know I'm only mentioning glocks. It's b/c he said he liked the glock more.
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Originally Posted by Bighead View Post
There is also the classic wheel-gun if you really don't mind trying something different. My recommendation would be a Smith revolver in .357 Magnum. Check out Model 65, 66, & 686. Again, these have been around forever and you can luck into a fair deal searching for a used piece.
I'll second that vote. I can't figure out why people now-a-days don't consider a revolver for their first gun. Super reliable, easy to learn their function, minimal maintenance, no mags to keep track of, accurate and fun!

But if you must go w/ a semi get an XD.
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