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fireball 06-06-2007 04:03 PM

Permit Question
Got a question on Minnesota's permit... I'll be on our annual vacationing on the North Shore in a few weeks, and I just noticed that Minnesota accepts my Michigan CPL.

It is a MN permit to carry, but is it your choice to carry concealed or not? My carry method is concealed, and just want to make sure I'm authorized for that...

The exclusion list of places to carry is less exclusive, but no state parks? Funny exclusion there. It's the more likely place I'll be... Thoughts?

Gearguy10 06-10-2007 01:38 AM

Minnesota is a carry state. You do not have to conceal but it is highly recommended. As for carrying in state parks, the law was changed recently and we are allowed to carry in state parks. I'll look up the reg. tonight and get back to you on the specifics.

Gearguy10 06-10-2007 05:56 AM

I pulled my book from the carry class I took and couldn't find the specific law concerning carrying in a state park, but I did have a note I wrote in the margin that said it was no longer an issue. Evidently the DNR didn't like the new carry law and because their regulations supercede any others they were not recognizing it. I do believe things have changed, however.

Call Bill's Gun Shop & Range @ (763)533-9594 or (763)792-4867 if you get a chance. I got my training and permit there. They may be able to give a more definitive answer.

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