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rachilders 07-25-2011 08:36 PM

Observations on a local gun show last weekend
I was at a local gun show Saturday (7/23/11) and it was a thoroughly enjoyable experience! There were MANY guns for sale at prices that seem almost ridiculous compared to some I see advertised on the web. A dealer was selling custom AR's - the A3 model with 16" barrel - for $599 in 5.56 and 7.62x39. When I asked about them he'd already sold five of the six guns he'd brought to the show, including both 7.62's, by lunch time. He also had two A2 style, 20" barrel guns in 6.8 ($699) and had sold one. I would have seriously considered one of the 7.62's if he'd still had one for sale, especially at the price they were going for. I know it's not really a new idea but it would look like he has the right idea if you really want the best of two worlds; the AK bullet in an AR rifle. You'd get the AR platform with it's accuracy plus the gazillion parts and accessories available with the added punch of the AK round. I'd bet you could get MOA accuracy out to 300 yds with that combo. That's farther than the majority of us can probably see a target without a scope and more range than most us would normally need unless you're hunting sheep or mountain goats at a thousand yards.

FWIW, considering some of the stories I've read about the high prices, take it or leave it attitude of dealers and lack of merchandise at a lot of guns shows - Florida and a few other states seem especially bad from what I've read on this and other forums in the past few years - I have been pleasantly surprised at the shows here in E. Texas. There was plenty to look at and the prices were generally well below MRSP on all the guns I saw. While there were still higher end AR's selling for $1,500 or more, up there with the Sig's, many NIB AR's were going for $700-$900, even S&W M&P 15's. Most AK's listed between $300 and $500 depending on make and model. There was one guy there with a full case of nice Mosin-Nagants selling for $150 each. I already own one so I didn't ask the dealer if they came with any extras like a cleaning kit but the price was good and the guns were in VERY nice shape. For the most part handguns were also selling for prices that ranged from reasonable to almost cheap. It was a nice change over what the shows were like a year ago! I though about going back the next day to look for some Sunday afternoon bargains but had other commitments. The only thing that seems to have gone up since the last show here in February was the price of ammo. There was plenty of it but it was more expensive. There were many tables selling accessories and parts as well as leather, hunting and other "outdoors" gear.

Anyway, the deals are out there and gun shows are still a great place for bargains, at least in my part of the country. One is held locally four times a year and I can't speak for anyone else but I consider gun shows an outstanding source for guns, ammo, accessories and supplies that are often difficult (if not impossible) to find in my local stores and the prices are as good and frequently better!

Bigcountry02 07-25-2011 10:34 PM

Last time at the local gun show, prices were up, AK 7.62x39 was selling for lowest cost $699 and the condition were okay. Most of the AR platforms were too high and cheaper by $200 just to go local stores. A good majority of the scopes, reddots, mags, etc. were cheaper online or local after figuring in taxes or shipping costs.

Prices vary on each part of the country and what is the demand and the supply on hand.

rachilders 07-26-2011 05:55 AM

As I said, it was a pleasant surprise after hearing stories like yours about the shows in other parts of the country. I guess I need to count myself lucky to live in an area where the gun shows are still a buyers market rather than a sellers, at least for now. OTOH, I suppose the sellers here make up in volume sales the profit they may loose by having a lower markup. Everyone seems to win when that happens.

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