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New to the gun world, need help

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To answer you original question...When meth heads kick in your door looking for your son all the "white noise" about revolver vs auto, face to face vs paperwork, and this vs that won't mean @$^*!

If you trust your brother, take his deal, get a gun in the house today and definetly get a quick entry lock box to keep the 9yr olds hands off.
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The situation has definitely already entered the arena where law enforcement needs to be involved ASAP and professional counseling for your son is required also ASAP. It is regrettable that this is the catalyst for your introduction to the world of firearms. Learning about them under panic situations is not the most desireable way. Because your son is a drug user keeping him away from the gun is also an issue that has to be considered. All that being said, I would side with your wife and encourage you to go through the whole legal process of over the counter purchase, the filling out of forms and all that is involved for your first purchase. You have described a situation in which police and lawyers and courts could ultimately become involved. It is absolutely best to have nothing questionable come up regarding the gun or how you got it.

Take a serious look at double barrel "stagecoach" type shotguns. They are simple to operate and incredibly serious weapons at close range. Four (2x2) shots is usually enough for any novice to understand the principle of loading and using one for close range work. A small bag of shells nearby for reloading... In some places, such as NYC, owning one of those involves less paperwork than keeping a pistol in the house. I can't tell what state you live in so that issue is worth mentioning. For a first timer's pistol I too strongly suggest a revolver. You can load them once and 30 years later it is still loaded and ready. A gun should never be displayed until it is ready to be shot. Once the legal purchase is completed tell no one you have it. Let it be a surprise unveiled only 'in gravest extreme' (a book you might want to read by a guy named Ayoob).

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If you want to spend the extra money for a handgun they have cases with automated code locks, would be impossible to crack. It would be easy to access in case of an emergency and impossible for someone to get.
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If the area where you live is anything like where I live then relying on police to protect your family may end in a whole lot of innocent people dieing waiting for them to come. The average time for the sheriff to show up around here is about 1 to 1 1/2 hours, IF they show up. Since at this point in time you have no experiance in handguns, I would do as Canebrake mentioned, SHOTGUN. Without training and time spent on practice, a handgun may not do for you what you think it might.
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I purchased a handgun as my first gun just over a year ago in case I might ever need to defend my family and myself.But if I was threatened like you were,I wouldn't even mess around with handguns,I would make my first purchase a Mossberg 500 12ga.
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Guys, thanks for the replies.

The police have been notified and they took a phone harrassment report. That's all good and well, but I don't think I will be able to throw the report hard enough at the BG if he were to enter. I don't think the police took this seriously.

As I think I posted earlier in my situation, I was given 48 hours to turn my son over to these people, that was the deadline for them to come shoot me and my pregnant wife. Needless to say, my wife and stepson spent the night at my parents' house the night of the deadline. Like clock work, the 48 hours ended and the phone rang and it was the same guy. Asked if I had talked to my son (I had and told him to stay away from my house), told the guy no, I hadn't. He asked who would answer the door when he came over. I said I would, he said are you sure? I said yes. Lost the cell connection. He called back and announced he would be there in 5 minutes and said "you're dead bitch". I called the police, they were doing extra drivebys, they drove in front and on side of my house and then parked in a parking lot across the way.

I grabbed the gun my brother let me borrow and stood in the corner of my bedroom between 2 windows. Probably the worst place I could have been as I was wide open. Fortunately, the 5 minutes came and went with no one showing at my door.

As for the suggestion of the shotgun, we went to Walmart this past weekend and looked at the mossberg they had there. Handed it to my wife and she held it and said no way. She's not able to hold it and doesn't have the confidence to fire something like that.

She's not going to be able to make it to a gun range to practice with a handgun due to the lead in the air and possible harm to our baby, not to mention the noise.

So, that's my update for the last week and a half. There has been no phone calls since. I'm sure it's just idiots trying to rattle me, which they did, especially my wife.

I live in Ohio and have heard since that private sales of firearms are legal.

Thanks for all of your inputs.

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Glad your OK. Keep us updated.

"I think Congressmen should wear uniforms like NASCAR drivers so we could identify their corporate sponsors."

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