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CHLChris 05-26-2009 11:25 PM

For new CCW: 9mm or .38spl?
Hi, all!

I'm about to purchase my first handgun. It'll be for CCW. I'm not sure whether to purchase a subcompact 9mm semiauto or an Airlight .38spl snubbie. I'd like the recoil to be lower since my wife will also be training on it. I'm thinking that 5 shots would make me feel vulnerable. I'm planning on just carrying in the city (Later, I'll be buying a .45 auto for those other needs). The subcompact auto seems too heavy for pocket carry, and I would appreciate being able to pocket carry. I'll be only wanting to fire maybe 200 practice rounds a year. Is this a big enough list of my needs for this gun? Understand, this is only the first purchase: whatever I don't buy first, I'm bound to buy later for greater choice depending on my needs that day. But what should I buy right now?

If 9mm, what gun is best? Glock 26?

If .38 snubbie, what gun is best? S&W 642?

I know this topic has been rehashed infinitely, but I'd really like to see how people come down on this apple/oranges question.

robocop10mm 05-27-2009 12:06 AM

I prefer the Centennials. 640, 642, 442, 340. The scandiums are da bomb. Featherweight magnums that carry like a dream. You can still shoot .38's and carry the mags when you feel comfortable with the extra recoil.

You won't really notice the recoil if you have to use it for real.

mrm14 05-27-2009 12:11 AM

G.F. carries a S&W 686, 6 shot revolver in .357 with a 4" barrel. She keeps .38Special ammo in it. At one time she had a snubbie but liked a little more barrel length and the option for a higher power round. It weighs 40 oz. and is easy to handle.

CHLChris 05-27-2009 12:47 AM

Another thought
Since pocket carry really seems like a good option since I often am wearing dress casual, maybe the snubbie is best for a good start. (I'm leaning toward the 642 .38 spl, but would be willing to go for a 640 .357 and chamber .38 most of the time)

Then, the very next gun would be a .45 auto in a little smaller frame (like Glock 30). My purpose for the second gun would be much bigger capacity in terms of rounds carried, plus a much bigger caliber for those hiking trips. Not to mention in case the world goes down the drain, I'd like to have some major firepower in my hand. The auto option would still be carry-able in a waist holster under a coat or long vest, I think.

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