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Id like to see a cz75 variant personally

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Originally Posted by kiabe1 View Post
Id like to see a cz75 variant personally
CZ handguns are very popular in Eastern European military and LEO circles. They have been proven. Very interesting.
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Last I heard, the Army extended their contract with Beretta for 5 years.
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The Makarov!

LOL, sorry, can't even type that with a straight face. They were already obsolete the first day they were manufactured except to some rednecks who bought 'em for $89 when they were imported en masse and were amazed they even worked so put 'em on a pedestal...


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If they are going to change and don't want the 1911 (though I can't see why) Then Sig or CZ would be the best choices. I'd lean to a Sig. Being their love of the 9mm the 226 makes a great deal of sense.


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I wouldn't be surprised to see a polymer framed firearm, but it wouldn't be a show stopper to see them stick with an alloy frame. I would see another set of trials opened to several manufacturers again. As someone else pointed out, wars aren't won with handguns, so I don't see a move away from the 9mm. Power to weight ratio, and cost of ammo make it a logical choice from a supply standpoint. Keeping some .45s in stock for special operations is not a huge deal.

The 1911 is a great pistol in a historical sense, but combat pistols have evolved, and the cost of manufacturing is probably a bit on the high side, plus a double/single action that gives an immediate second strike capability in the event of a failed primer is a worthwhile feature. This would preclude striker fired guns and single actions.

I would imagine a good double/single action would be in order. A positive safety with a decocking feature is nice for this configuration. I'm not opposed to a decocker alone with a good long first trigger pull.

I'm pretty sure, that many manufacturers could come up with good offerings. Beretta, Sig, Smith and Wesson, Colt, and any other folks that want to submit a design for consideration.

H&K has good customer service for agencies, but what I remember when dealing with them as an individual was not that great. Their prices are high for what you get. They do make good stuff, but they would have to choke down some pride to get their contract prices in the ball park, or just use the military contract for marketing and soak individual gun owners who must have the latest military gear.

I haven't seen any folks show up in theater with their own personal Glock, unless they were contractors. Some folks trained local police and equiped them with Glocks. There are a few Sigs in inventory, and only units filled with Smiths and Joneses seemed to have much beyond the standard issue Beretta.

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Give em' Gen3 Glock 34s. It's accurate, light, tough, reliable, has a built-in rail, it's easy to work on, and has only 34 parts.

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Originally Posted by Jagermeister View Post
Actually the m9s are wearing out. I see their conditions on a daily basis. hell, I was plinking with another 226 owner who is taking hs Sig on his deployment. I see pictures of troops with their own Glocks in desert. The rumors are hitting the ranks. In all honesty I hear folks wanting the M & P 45 with threaded barrel. M4 is going to be around for awhile. HK is still working on their sci-fi rifle for the Army. No promises form the US though. Still, with the sequester....
wearing out isnt the sole criteria. its also the current parts in inventory replacing those and if there is anything at better price point that can totally replace current inventory.

it took nearly 60 years to go through the reserve back stock of 1911 parts before the military decided to open up to a new handgun.

i dont see anything replacing the beretta anytime soon.

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I would agree that the U.S. will not change their primary issue pistol, perhaps they will purchase variants for elite and specialized units, but there is no real need to change in my opinion. When I was in the service, we still had C-Rats and packs from the Korean era,, Uncle Sam does not like to throw stuff away if it still works and I am sure that every M9 out there could be refurbished with a lot less expense than getting bids, testing, retesting, and the whole process of aquiring a new standard sidearm and you know they would never sell the old M9's to the public as military surplus to recup some of the expense.

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Glock 19. It's a proven weapon, parts available world wide, 9mm, holds plenty of rounds.

Personally I'd say stay with the 1911 but, the Glock performs reliably after long periods of not being cleaned in harsh environments where as my beloved 1911 prefers to be clean an has been known to be picky in terms of ammo and mags.


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