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rachilders 07-18-2007 09:43 PM

New Academy pistol
Has anyone tried one of the new 'House Brand' guns sold by Academy Sports? They are made by a company in Turkey called Sarsilmaz, and are based on the CZ 75. They seem to be nice guns and were reasonably priced - $360/$410 depending on model - but as an unknown company (at least here in the US), I wonder if it's better to stick with a "real" CZ.

rachilders 07-19-2007 04:55 AM

I did a bit more research and found some interesting info on the company, Sarsilmaz. It seems Sarsilmaz also makes the new AR-24/25 pistols for ArmaLite. I found some articles about it when I was doing a web search for the company. In fact, here is a quote from an article in AMERICAN RIFLEMAN about the AR pistols...

"The AR-24 is a full-size defensive sidearm with a 4.67" barrel and a 15-round, double-column magazine. The AR-24K is a compact version with a shorter 3.8" barrel. The abbreviated grip frame accommodates a 13-round, double-column magazine. Sarsilmaz, a Turkish firm with a 120-year history of building sporting and military firearms, makes both guns for ArmaLite... The gunís appearance would be inspired by the elegant but expensive French M1935A designed by Charles Petter. In form and function, the AR-24 fits between the Sig P210 and the CZ-75... it made sense to build the AR-24 on a CZ-75-style frame because CZ-75s use a system of operation that is directly derived from the Sig P210, which is itself similar to that of the M1911 in that it is a tilt-barrel design with lugs on top of the barrel that are cammed into corresponding recesses in the top of the slide as the action locks into battery."

Wheeler 06-17-2009 03:58 PM

I enjoy the daylights out of mine. Heavy, solid, well made weapon. Break it in well (500 rds) and enjoy yourself. Yhe company has been around since about 1880 or so.

Semper Fi,


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