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Zor 03-19-2013 09:52 PM

Need help - My first gun
Hello all,

So after 6 months of waiting my gun permit has arrived :)

Where I live(NJ) its such a pain to get a handgun so I applied for a handgun permit at the same time. I know a shotgun is a better choice for home defense, hunting, etc and I will get a shotgun but I want to get the handgun now. You only get 30 days once you get the handgun permit to buy the handgun so I need to get it quick.

From what I have read, I see that the glock and 1911 are very popular choices. Is there any other handguns I should consider? I would like to keep the price point around $500ish.

Any input would be greatly appreciated! Thanks all

orangello 03-19-2013 09:58 PM

Will this see much range time or just be a home defense firearm? I assume you don't plan on a carry permit soon, so the tiny firearms should be avoided.

Will this be a high-volume shooter or occaisional shooter? Ammo cost is a factor.

Do you know what caliber you might want?

I have a 9mm CZ75b that I enjoy target shooting with and occasionally keep in my car for protection (legal in MS). I have a Ruger GP100 revolver in 357/38 special that I REALLY enjoy target shooting with. I have a Springfield XD45 that is almost always in my car for protection. I have a smaller Bersa Thunder9 Compact UC that I will eventually carry concealed, when I eventually get off my butt and get the carry permit. Each has advantages in different situations. I wouldn't call the little Bersa a "target pistol", but it is handy and easily carried or concealed. The CZ75b fires the same 9mm round as the Bersa but is larger and heavier for improved accuracy at the cost of comfortable carrying. The GP100 is probably the most accurate for plinking, but it only holds six shots, a bit light for rookie self defense like me. The XD45 is the simplest to deploy and fire and has IMO the most effective self-defense caliber (45 ACP) for me AND carries 13+1 rounds.

I also have an old CZ52 in 7.62x25mm that is more of a novelty and is really cool to shoot in the evening for the HUGE muzzleflash.

Zor 03-19-2013 10:15 PM

Thanks for the fast reply!

Yes I am not worried about carrying because in NJ that is not possible.

This will be a high volume shooter, I plan on going shooting often.

I am thinking 9mm or .45 or something in a similar range.

I am looking for something very reliable, tough with a good ammo capacity.

Any other ideas? Thanks

orangello 03-19-2013 10:22 PM

My XD45 was $570 a few years ago; it has decent capacity and is VERY reliable with simple operation, BUT .45ACP is not cheap, not even the plain-Jane practice ammo. A 9mm would be a little less expensive to shoot regularly. The least expensive, reliable 9mm I am familiar with is the Ruger P95, a polymer-framed and largish pistol with good capacity; they were selling around $300 before Obama's re-election. The CZ75b might be a bit tighter/more accurate at the range, but it is a bit more expensive than the P95.

Is there a magazine capacity limit in NJ? edit* I think you may be limited to 15 rounds in the magazine, a bit less than many full-sized 9mm pistols and a bit more than many .45 pistols of the full-sized variety.
Example of XD45, out of stock there for now. This is what my CZ-75b looks like, but this one has magazines for 10round limited states.

A friend has an XD9 in 9mm; it shoots fine and has yet to jam on him. Ruger p95 9mm, probably the most bang for the buck, IMO.

deadsp0t 03-19-2013 10:34 PM

Springfield's XD and XDM lines are great guns. 1911's are awesome too, I personally dunno if they are great for 1st timers, unless of course you plan on becoming an avid owner, IMO they require a touch more attention then some other choices..

BeyondTheBox 03-19-2013 11:00 PM

1. Beretta!
The full size one, like a 46 or something like that I think... It's a 92... lol 46? Man was I of there

2. Ruger p95 (best bang for buck)

Stay away from 1911s if you want capacity.

3. Glock makes extended mags for their popular 9s & 45s I believe, so great choice too. They also do mostly double stack for everything I can think of so that increase capacity also.

There's others for sure, but I'm blanking right now, will return if I think of more...

4. Stoeger Cougar

5. Taurus (Beretta copy) and 24/7

rockratt 03-19-2013 11:02 PM

My .02 worth. There is nothing better than a 1911 and the Springfield XD's are fine guns as well but for a first time buyer dont rule out the revolvers. You just cant beat a Ruger revolver for a first gun.

kirbinster 03-19-2013 11:03 PM

Welcome. I too am a resident of the People's Republic of NJ. Where in the state are you from? Sorry to hear it took you so long to get permits, that sucks. I'm in Morris County and just got my FID and 4 P2P's in only 28 days - not trying to rub salt in the wounds. Let me explain a few things, as you have a couple of the laws not totally correct. P2P permits are good for 90 days not 30. At your police departments discretion they can extend them for another 90 days. Some towns make you wait till they are about to expire or just expire. Mine was very nice and offered to extend them on day one for the full 180 days. The 30 day issue is the states' one gun a month (OGAM) rule, that you can only buy one hand gun ever 31 days.

Here is the process. You go to your FFL and pick a gun or have one shipped to them. You then have them run the NICS instant background check. NJ is one of the few states that does not do this through the FEDS, our state police handle this. It used to be done in about 10 minutes by phone, but after Sandy they shut the phone lines down and it must be done by fax. It is now taking around a week to get this instant check run - it sucks. I found a gun I wanted two weeks ago that my FFL was holding for me as because of OGAM I had to wait till yesterday to run the NICS, now I have another week to wait to get the gun.

My first was a Glock gen4 G22 .40 cal. I bought it for range use and home defense. I would suggest you do the same as 9mm is very hard if not impossible to find these days while .40 cal is easier to find. Also you can (which I did) buy a conversion barrel that will let you fire 9mm from the same gun. So if you buy the conversion barrel and a 9mm magazine (total cost $150-$200) you effectively have two guns in one. PM me if you have any other questions about NJ stuff. There is a very good online forum for NJ gun owners. I don't know if it is ok to post here but if you contact me I will fill you in.

Jericho1911u22 03-19-2013 11:36 PM

Since you can't carry it weight shouldn't be a primary concern. I would say buy a steel handgun rather than a polymer one. I didn't like my glock at all. Also steel versions seem more collectable than polymer ones. That may just be me though.

If you aren't to worried about parts availability I would go with a Baby Eagle. Similar construction to the CZ75B mentioned above. You will find lots of fantastic reviews for the baby eagle.

If you want a handgun that you can easily source parts for and customize I would go with a 1911 they have been made pretty much the same for over 100 years.

stoneam2006 03-19-2013 11:40 PM

My .02 is a ruger...many great choices around 500$ and good shooters I personally own 3 Sr9 Sr22 and lc9 love them all

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