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Dr. Marneaus 12-31-2011 04:40 AM

My christmas gift to myself...
Just took delivery this afternoon....what could this be?

Dr. Marneaus 12-31-2011 04:48 AM

I have a pretty neat .45acp smith and wesson revolver that I love, but I've been taking classes at Front Sight lately, and decided that my little SR9c is not the ideal weapon for marathon-length training sessions, and considering that I'm left handed, a revolver aint gonna cut it either.

So, i needed a bigger firearm for training, but also for open carry, wheelin, hiking, camping, etc. Choices were larger 9mm's, or some form of .45, and i figured, why not a new 1911...and if im gonna get one with no intent to conceal it, might as well make it a cool one, right?

There's that revolver/knife about a 1911/chopping tool thread?

Jkl-28 12-31-2011 06:01 PM

That's a great looking pistol!... Congrats man

trip286 12-31-2011 06:11 PM

Nice pistol.
But is that a lawnmower blade?

Dr. Marneaus 01-01-2012 01:45 AM

Its an EOD breacher bar.

Dr. Marneaus 01-01-2012 07:16 PM

Range report and general observations:

I like the 1911 a lot, but its taking a lil bit to re-adjust to shooting it from everything else I've been shooting. I've been out of a 1911 for like 2 years now.

The first handgun I ever bought was a 1911, and thats all i shot on, but its been a bit.

That being said, when I take my time I'm finding it plenty easy to be accurate with the gun. Sights are good (standard 3 dot tritium) and the gun feels good in the hand. I cannot tell or maybe just cant recall any weight difference between this and a standard 1911, but im sure this one is a lil beefier with the thicker slide and the rail and whatnot.

The grips are great, pretty agressive on the G10 stocks and main spring housing, but the front checkering isnt bad. It looks to be about the same lines-per-inch as the textured area on my sr9c so it was familiar feeling when I gripped it. However, there is more checkering than on the ruger mentioned above. The way my hands are shaped and sized, this gives a good bite on the lowest pad (right below the middle knuckle) on my strong hand. This isn't uncomfortable, but after several days of shooting it became a lil tiresome on the Ruger, and likely will here to. The G10 stocks as I said are aggressive, but do not bite. I like them. To put it in perspective, Dani would not like them. She disliked the standard hardwood with standard checkering on my old 1911 because it stung too much when gripping and shooting. Again, they may prove tiresome after a 4 day class, but I'll report on that in February.

The gun functioned great, I only put about 50 or 60 rounds through it, and i had 1 failure. It simply wouldnt go all the way into battery at one point, not sure why, could have been the ammo (I was just shooting out of my ammo can of mixed brand, WWB, PMC, Winchester SXZ, Federal, etc). It fed flat nosed (almost like semi-wadcutter, but without the shoulder) winchester SXZ (I think its like teflon coated?) range ammo 100% reliably, so I believe it should do well with HP's when I try to run them.

My one dislike: The flat trigger is something I'm not used to. I tend to press the trigger with my finger located almost to the top most knuckle (the bottom of the tip of my finger, just above that knuckle). This proved uncomfortable when using the flat trigger. Probably because there is little meat there, just skin and bone. When it put a little less trigger finger in, on the top pad of my finger, it was much more comfortable. Still different than I'm used to though.

I practice trapping the trigger when I shoot, and I need to remember this is a much more precise trigger than my striker fired ruger that I have been shooting so much lately. When I press, trap, reset and keep the slack taken up, then press again...I'm not used to this trigger. I definitely touched off a round that hit the dirt about 8 feet in front of me on about the 3rd shot with the gun. That only happened once, but it was a reminder that these things have nice sensitive triggers.

Overall, i like it a lot, and I think it will serve its purpose. I just need to become re acclimated with it, so i dont need to "realize" what I'm shooting every time I pick it up. I've been using revolvers and striker fired pistols a ton lately, so I was kind of used to that.

Hows that for a range report?

MrWray 01-01-2012 07:28 PM

Thats a nice weapon right there..

Gloves 01-01-2012 07:47 PM

That is a sweet 1911. Love the trigger, grips and finish on those.

Axxe55 01-01-2012 08:29 PM

doc, very nice pistol. i'm glad you got another one and hope you enjoy it.

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