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Most Lethal Handgun Round

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Thanks for all the good info. The initial poster was asking the wrong question, of course; lethality is not the issue, but stopping power. I think Marshall himself pointed out that more people have been KILLED by .22s than by any other caliber, but if the guy doesn't die for days or weeks, it doesn't really address the issue of defense.

Personally, I think it's worth considering the tradeoff between power, weight, and concealability. I find a .45-70 revolver a bit inconvenient, though I suspect it would outclass everything listed in terms of sheer power. If that's your only issue, carry a 10-gauge shotgun. Good luck finding a holster...
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Default Re: deadly round

Hello, all of the listed are deadly. I think one point being missed is situation. As a former law enforcement officer I had the bad luck of encountering a practical application of this issue. I have always had the mantra " rather place well with a .22lr then miss with a .44. It is my opinion that the deadliest round is the one you can place well under high stress situations (training, training, and then more training). Yes, a S&W .50 is devastating, but not if you miss. The target reacquisition time for the above weapon is poor. My department used 1911's and so I became very skilled with it. I know from personal experience that it is a very deadly round, and used by many military and paramilitary organizations. As a backup I used a SIG .380. I like it for two main reasons, size and simplicity. In most situations, by the time one has to use the backup, the situation typically has not gone well. I did not need to worry about frills, just point and click. I also liked that the small recoil allowed my shaking hand (yes I'll admit it) to stay on target. Sorry that my reply is not totally on subject, but I find that data collected from a bench test does not mean much when a deadly force situation arises within 3 meters of you. Back in civilian life I carry a 15+1 S&W 9mm for two reasons : 1. I can't afford to buy anything else 2. I have used it so long I can hit the head of a dime with it.

Thanks - Mark
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in this order.500,454,44mag,41mag,10mm,357mag,45,40,9mm.Bu t,availability for a long time and the number of deaths so far would probably make the .357,.45,or 9mm as most deadly.I will say .357 as most deadly,but the most death by a certain round is probably 9mm because those scum bags Nazis used that caliber in WW2
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Well, there is lethal, stopped, and DRT (Dead Right There) Fast heavy bullets tend to produce all three. Yes, shot placement counts. What kills animals (including people) is shutting down the brain. I know of 2 ways that can happen- disrupting the brain (head shot, high spinal cord shot) or depriving the brain of blood (heart/lungs/ etc) Fast heavy bullets tend to cause greater injury to systems, causing those effects to have a quicker onset.

Of course, there are the Uber caliber pistols- .460, .500s, etc, that are more suited to VERY large game and small vehicles. Wanta take it to the extreme? Try one of these loaded with a Dual Purpose Improved Conventional Munition round! Yep- a 40mm M-79 PISTOL.

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Originally Posted by User1953 View Post
What is the most lethal handgun round out of the following in your opinion (or if you can prove it with facts thats better?)

41 mag
44 mag
Out of those....all of them. But the most lethal one would be the one you can hit the target with. (proper shot placement is what matters)

Just throw all the ballistics out the window because they don't mean anything if you don't hit the target. Don't go by caliber or ballistics. Go by what you can hit something with. So it doesn't matter which one of those you are using.

Even the lowly .22 will kill you.

Just my opinion.

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I'll still take a 357 mag with 180gr meta , shotshell, or a 125gr HP any day of the week for most stuff I'll encounter.
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Your first two rounds doubletap to the face.
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Depends. Anything can be lethal if it is a hollowpoint or you get a good headshot. But just a regular old body hit, I'd say anything .45 or larger will take somebody down in one shot.
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10mm has brutal stopping power and was ahead of its time 15-20 years ago.
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Why do noobs always have to drag up OLD DEAD threads.
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