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TankTop 01-08-2013 01:37 AM

minor dents
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Am I being overly cautious? Would you shoot this?

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getem2011 01-08-2013 01:40 AM

When in doubt don't take the chance.

TankTop 01-08-2013 01:42 AM

Thanks, I think I will wait until I have a full box then see in Winchester will take returns

JonM 01-08-2013 01:50 AM

dent in the bullet wont hurt anything. prolly wont be the most accurate round you shoot but it will shoot without issue

nitestalker 01-08-2013 01:57 AM

The dent is below the bearing surface. It will take out a 5 Lb. coffee can at 7 yards.;)

robocop10mm 01-08-2013 04:48 AM

I've shot worse with out any problem

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