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Todd_ 03-30-2012 06:56 AM

In the market for a new handgun, looking for opinions.
Hey everyone!

So I think I went about getting my first guns in a backwards order. I now own a 16" PSA middy AR15 and a Mossberg 500 with an 18.5" barrel, collapsable stock, side saddle shotshell holder and a streamlight tlr-1 mounted on the end with a remote coil to the forend. Both of those I am proud to call my own and yet I do not own a handgun.

I'm not looking for a 1911 for my first handgun. I have shot quite a few at the local range on their $1 handgun rental Wednesday's and have arrows it down to three..... I think....

1.) Smith & Wesson M&P9 FS
2.) Springfield XDM
3.) Glock 17 or 19

I know most of the above have strikingly similar specs and whatnot, I'm having a hard time "pulling the trigger" on any.

The glock has the timeless perfection reputation, but I hear they have an issue with all guns with serial numbers EAAxxxxxx through EZZxxxxxx and they aren't handling the issue too well. The pistol also feels a little funny in my hand, the grip and the angle don't feel quite natural. I'm sure that would work itself out with lots of drills and practice and if it were really heads and shoulders above the rest I would deal with it, but I don't really think the glock has that much more, is any, to offer than the other two.

The springfield XD or XDM. I haven't shot this gun very much, but it seems to have a superb reputation. I'm not sure if I am a fan of the blackstrap safety, but otherwise this gun feels pretty good in my hands. Shoots well.

The S&W M&P9. This is my favorite so far. I don't know why, but this gun seems to really melt in to my hands. It feels by far the most natural, almost like and extension of my arms when I'm shooting. I understand that S&W had a big bomb when they originally released the Sigma and a lot of people were skeptical of the M&P series when it launched. I'm hoping any quirks have worked themselves out by now with the M&P and I am seeing a LOT of my LEO friends who were die hard glock users switching to the M&P for their duty weapon. These guys trust their lives on their guns, and to me seeing such a large number switch to the M&P speaks volumes.

I could use some information of anyone has any comparing the three, calling out any major issues or malfunctions that have been fixed or more importantly ones that haven't been fixed yet, and just some general opinions from those who shoot much more than I do.


(and no, I'm not just asking this to troll or stir some old pot of "here we go again" comparison threads. I want legitimate info, user feedback, and NO CHILDISH BICKERING!!)

whtsmoke 03-30-2012 09:42 AM

M&P 9 would be my choice, I have one and it is accurate and reliable. Triggers on them are not bad and get better as you go.

frostyone 03-30-2012 09:47 AM

I love my XDM 9mm. I have had it for a few years now with a few thousand rounds through it with no problems at all. It is more accurate than me and fun to shoot. The reason I chose that over the glock was that it simply felt better in my hand. You can't go wrong with the glock either. I personally like the back strap safety because it ensures I need a good grip on the gun to make it go bang. That is also similar to my every day carry 1911.
It sounds like you have it narrowed down to 3 great choices. Go with whichever feels best in your hand.

Sicilian13 03-30-2012 11:55 AM

I'm in the same boat I'm getting my handgun premit in two weeks and consider all 3 guns as possible choices, but leaning towards the glock

niteglock 03-30-2012 12:40 PM

G19 or XDM9. Both r great. XDM looks cooler. But I like the glock trigger better. I had an XDM for bout 2 yrs. sold it. Needed money and had too many 9mm's. But I'd buy another if I had the money too. This time it would be the compact 9 or 45.

nickel1911 03-30-2012 01:08 PM

Great choices. Although I haven't had any experience with the xd, I've read plenty of good things about them. It also doesn't hurt that the xd was rifleman magazine's handgun of the year a couple of years ago.
The m&p is an excellent handgun. IMO the ergos on the m&p can't be beat. As I have big hands I chose to go with the large back strap with mine and it fits perfect. The reliability on my m&p has been 100% and it has eaten anything I've put through it so far without a hiccup. It was actually my first handgun also. I went into the shop having done all my research on the glock and left with the m&p lol! After putting 50 rounds down range with both the glock and the m&p, (both rentals) I was sold on the m&p. The trigger out of the box also feels better IMO.
The glock is a household name for a reason. Its reliability and brilliant simplicity. I own a g22 rtf and like my m&p, seems to eat everything I feed it! As for the ergos, it's not as good as the m&p IMO, but I overcame that by trying to fix another issue. My rtf was I little too aggressive on my hands after putting a couple hundred rounds down range, so I add a hogue rubber grip sleeve with the palm swell. Two birds with one stone! The grips are no longer too aggressive and it now FITS LIKE A GLOVE! The aftermarket fit is definitely on par with the m&p now. Another BIG + for the glock is the aftermarket parts that are available and the ease in which you could modify it yourself. That has to be my favorite part about the glock. The ability to easily mod this firearm to fit you.
I'm sure you can't go wrong with any of these three choices! good luck and congrats on your first handgun purchase!

Overkill0084 03-30-2012 01:52 PM

Truthfully, you would be fine with any of your choices.
I have an XD and it's a quality pistol.
The S&W M&Ps are developing a very good reputation and are making inroads into the LE market. If I were in the market for a polymer pistol, I would give them serious consideration.
Nothing wrong with Glocks. I simply don't think they are particularly special. They have earned a solid reputation for reliability over a number of years. IMHO, the others have closed the gap to the point that it is a matter of personal preference. The Cult of Glock fanboys have pretty much turned me off to to any chance of ever buying one, but then I get contrarian some times just to spite people. But it's not the gun's fault.

JTJ 03-30-2012 02:06 PM

You have already eliminated the Glock because it does not feel right in your hand. Glocks dont fit me well either. I have an XD and it is a good pistol. I have handled the M&P and I would choose it over the XD based on feel. As you stated it melts into your hand. A pistol has to point naturally and feel comfortable in the hand. You will be more accurate and have less felt recoil with a well fitting pistol.

Axxe55 03-30-2012 02:07 PM

Todd, i own a SA XDm40, so i could be biased on it as an option! but you have already made your choice, whether you know it or not. the M & P! if this one just feels right and natural in it's way it fits your hand, then that's the one to go with. because how a pistol fits your grip, will be a large factor in how well you can control recoil, which in turn will factor in as to how accurate you can shoot it. any of the three choices would be a good first pistol, but the one that fits the best would be my suggestion and choice. i have shot many Glocks, but have never owned one, but with their excellent reputation for reliability, they would for me always be an option. the M & P, haven't had the chance to hold or shoot one yet, as they seem pretty scarce in my area, but i am reading very good reviews and reports about them, enough that i would possibly take a chance with one, if it felt right in my hand. the XDm, well i am pleased with mine so far, that definately another one in a different caliber would be considered. just my thoughts, and good luck with your choice.

sweeper22 03-30-2012 04:12 PM

They're all fine guns.

I prefer the XDm. I like the addition of the grip safety, and don't even notice it when I'm shooting. XDms are a bit heavier than Glocks, which is about the only diss I can think of.

Pick each up, let your hand tell you what it likes best. Then consider the features (weight, safeties/controls, etc) that matter to you. That'll pretty well point you in the right direction.

I can't think of any legitimate reason to discourage you from buying any of the three models.

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