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piki 05-24-2011 04:59 PM

looking for metal caps gun

when i was little kid, my father showed me a metal gun looks more or less like bereta gun in general shape and it has metal magazine and again metal caps
(not plastic) and i was too young and weak, and never been able to push the triger lol and after a while i damaged the gun while i inserted the magazine the wrong way:(

anyway..this wasn't real gun with bullets , but it was gun with metal caps that made very strong noise.

anyone know gun like this?

General_lee 05-24-2011 06:14 PM

Sounds like a Blank firing gun. Try this website, Blank Guns Depot - Blank Firing Guns Store

BTW welcome to the forum!

piki 05-24-2011 07:44 PM

thanks:) nice to be here.

well...i am not sure that this site show's the guns i am talking was with magazine but i loaded the magazine with caps like this:

Google Image Result for

but not plastic, they were metal caps but the same shape like the plastic caps.

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