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Johnny 10-17-2007 04:03 PM

Kahr pistols
Has anyone ever had a chance to shoot a Kahr? Are these reliable and accurate / worth the price?

stalkingbear 10-17-2007 05:27 PM

These little pistols are excellent in quality and relibability and especially suited for people with small hands. The double action only pull is a bit hefty however. For my money,considering I have large hands,I LOVe my para ordnance C6LDA. It has a dream of a trigger pull-the smoothest,lightest pull available from ANY manufacturer,3"barrel,and has NEVER malfunctioned EVER in any way with any ammo I've put thru it!!! I like my para pistols so much I'm a stocking dealer. I have shot a bunch of them and all have been outstanding.

hideit 10-17-2007 05:54 PM

that's great to hear
i rather put a kahr in my pocket instead of a keltec
can't wait to see the pm45 - guess ill have to

Chuck 10-17-2007 08:24 PM


Originally Posted by hideit (Post 10392)
that's great to hear
i rather put a kahr in my pocket instead of a keltec
can't wait to see the pm45 - guess ill have to

So would I but price is a consideration. Kahr certainly doesn't give their products away.

Varro 10-19-2007 01:00 PM

A lousy review on the PM9 in the November issue of HANDGUNS... :(

HadEmAll 11-04-2007 02:24 AM

Kahr initially made their name with their K series - steel frames. Various models of compact .40 and 9mm. That's what put them on the map. Almost never heard a complaint about them. I have a K40 that I've had for years. It has fired every round I've run through it without fail. 180, 165, 155, and 135 grain. Sweet, soft trigger.

I don't see many K series around at gun shows these days, mostly the P series - polymer frames.

biped 12-11-2007 11:42 PM

KP45 Kahr striker fired pistol w/out trigger
Ya. It happened last summer. I'm reluctant to talk about it because it was really dumb. This .45 went off about 6 inches from my head and put a hole in the ceiling of my office. Old Marine Corps saying "what doesn't kill you makes you stronger". Well, believe it or not, I like this pistol. I live and work on a ranch. I was on the receiving end of a long and boring telephone conversation with one of my employees. I carry the Kahr daily. I got it out and, one handed, began working the slide back about an inch from the muzzle. I let it slap forward a few times. Finger not on trigger. Boom! Empty didn't eject. I've only revealed this recently to friends and one said I should load a empty "primer only" round to see if I can duplicate it. I may do that but thought I'd go online to see if anybody had similar experience with striker fired pistols.

Gunnutz13 12-16-2007 01:56 AM

Similar experience
A newbie comes to me asking opinions of differnet makes and models...we go to a few area gun shops...he handles...he looks...he asks alot of questions...and he settles on a Taurus 9mm which is a striker fired weapon. He works as a bouncer in a go-go bar and feels that he can get to a fanny pack ( yea...I know...but that's what he wanted to do ) faster than a concealed didn't encourage or discourage carry, and he had a brand new CCW permit before he even thought, bought or handled a gun.
One day, not too long after the purchase, I walk in to see him and see if he had gotten a chance to fire it at a range. He says no...but would like me to show him how to field strip it in the back room. He goes into the DJ booth to retrieve the fanny pack, and in the meantime, I turn my attention to the barmaid to grab a brew. The next thing I hear is a loud bang, and I immediately duck and turn towards the booth...I see him run out the booth towards the mens even 15 feet away...holding his one ear...and the DJ still looking around saying WTF ?!

I run to the booth to secure the weapon, which was lying ay the DJ's feet..still smokin'...drop the mag...clear the stovepipe jam... rack the slide again to make sure another round wasn't in the chamber...asked the DJ if he was hit ( NO ) and went to the men's room to see to my friend, thinking he was hit. Luckily, he wasn't...he ran because he panicked. Then he tells me what happened. He had grabbed the fanny pack and turned in one motion...the weight of the gun had shifted towards the end where the zipper was partially opened...and the gun slipped out and hit the floor of the booth landing on the striker and causing the chambered round to fire. Lucky for all... him...the DJ...ME...and the rest of the patrons, the bullet went into the back of the booth...into drywall which contained a brick chimmey that stopped the round dead. I actually took my knife and popped it out of the drywall 10 minutes later. If it had gone ANYWHERE else, someone, including me standing maybe eight feet away, would have been hit. Needless to say...he gave up on the whole CCW thing, sold the weapon...and never touched another firearm that I know of until him and his girl moved to another state. And that is my striker firing system story...:cool:

biped 12-22-2007 02:43 AM

Striker fired mishaps
Bummer about things going bang when they're not supposed to. I'm not giving up on striker fired guns yet. It seems most of the new polymer striker fired hi-caps like S&W and Springfield are pretty reliable and good fighting pistols. I'm still a 1911 guy but carry the Kahr KP45 because of the obvious, smaller/lighter/shoots good. Seems I'm caught in them middle.

stalkingbear 12-22-2007 10:29 AM

kahr vs para
It's amazing that people never listen to me when I attempt to tell them about products that perform above the rest of the pack it ain't even funny. Para ordnance Lda series is the best of both worlds. They come in tiny 6 shot 3" barreled versions,all the way up to full size in both steel frame and alloy framed models. Extremely reliable 1911 style but with the smoothest, lightest,SAFE,hammer fired DAO trigger action on the market-5.5-6#.
Anyone considering a ccw owes it to themselves to at least check them out.

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